Quick Look: Totemo

quick_look_totemoThe team over at Hexage has put together another great game for Android.  They’re now 2-for-2 in excellent casual games that really show off the OS.  I take about 6:00 to walk you through some of the game including the various modes of play.  If you like your games addictive, then you’ll want to grab Totemo from the Android Market!

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  1. Thomas520
    September 16, 21:09 Reply

    I tried out the lite version and will say that Hexage has produced another nice game. I didn't find it as fun as Puka, though I wonder if the 'jibberish' talking that the characters do, plans on being one of their main stays??? The challenge wasn't all that great and the game itself seems to be a clone of many others in this type of game category. I can't say that it would be worth buying at this time, but the graphics and sound give good reason to show others the Android capabilities that can be produced in any given game.

  2. Michael
    September 17, 16:34 Reply

    That 'jibberish' talking is something that is done with more over the art style, as opposed to having it something singular to decide. I can confidently say, as someone who has played games for about two decades straight that Hexage did a wonderful job with the overall gameplay and style for Totemo, and Buka.

    Quite personally I think the little 'Jibberish' voice is cute. Reminds me of Katamari Damacy, and Animal Crossing (both excellent games on their own platforms/respect).

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