‘Remember the Milk’ Now Available for Android – Pro Users Only

ss_todayWe’ve been waiting quite a while for this one to arrive.  The Remember the Milk (RTM) blog has just announced the availability of their Android application.  It’s totally free… if you are a Pro RTM user.  Unfortunately that runs you $25 a year right now.  If you haven’t signed up for a Pro account, you can try the app out for free on a 15-day trial.

According to the blog, the app has the capability of running in the background so you don’t miss any of your notes. Take that iPhone. Also, this version allows for reminders to show up in the notification bar. This includes tasks, notes, lists, Smart Lists, tags, and locations.  Users can opt in to allow the app to monitor their location and keep them on task.  Take that too.  Among the other features included in the app is a desktop widget so you can get right to your stuff without opening the app.  And take one too!


The Android version of RTM seems to be pretty loaded with functions and features… is it worth $25 a year for you?

Source: Androinica

  • FYI – Astrid is a great free & open source app and it syncs with RTM free accounts…go get it:

  • Indeed, Astrid can do all that and more. RTM, why not join forces with Astrid and they to improve what they've put together?

  • Brent

    I'm fed up with RTM.
    They keep offering things only for "Pro".
    I fully understand the need for a "Pro" version, but it should be based on amount of usage.
    They diminish the value of their service by crippling it's use with Pro add-ons and apps.
    Personally, I don't use it enough to justify paying for a Pro version, but I –MIGHT– if these type of things were made available. They're whipping themselves by not giving us full functionality. They should model themselves after Evernote and only allow so much activity per month before requiring you to upgrade.

    Thanks, but no thanks. I'll stick with Astrid and/or Google Tasks.

  • Mark

    "is it worth $25 a year for you?"

    No. Admittedly, I'm new to Android and have never heard of this app, and maybe I'm just cheap 🙂 but there are few apps I can think of that I would consider paying $25 for, and fewer that I would pay a $25 subscription for. Maybe I'm missing something but this just seems like a location-aware to do list.

  • Stjerneklar

    imo Astrid > RTM official app

    RTM better get their shit togheter, ive been using astrid and tried the RTM app yesterday…
    giant dissapointment, its made for somebody who uses due dates religiously and cannot be configured to suit somebody who dosent, i have to enter the program and click twice to get to my tasks, and the widget only shows tasks due today, not even overdue tasks.

    astrid is so much better, if they had a good widget id never look at another todo app