T-Mobile G1 to Get Donut After All?

intro_android_16Remember those concerns about whether or not the T-Mobile G1 would see any more updates to the OS?  We’ve got a little something that just might make you feel better – and hopefully put the issue to bed.  An eagle-eyed tipster noticed on the Android 1.6 Platform Highlights page something that indicates you early adopters won’t be left out in the cold after all.

Android 1.6 features a multi-lingual speech synthesis engine called Pico. It allows any Android application to “speak” a string of text with an accent that matches the language. The engine supports the following languages: English (American and British accents), French, Italian, German and Spanish. If you’re using a T-Mobile G1 or Dream device, you’ll need to download the SpeechSynthesis Data Installer from Android Market, which includes the “voices” needed by the text-to-speech engine.

The above quote is from the section called New Platform Technologies.  So take that however you want it.  For now, we’re taking it as the G1 will see the update.  We wait for the Google guys to stop by and correct.  Let’s pray they don’t!

Thanks for the tip Ben!

Android 1.6 Platform Highlights

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  • Chris

    Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but couldnt that also mean that the update won’t be available for the G1 and that that functionality will only be available if that app is downloaded?

    • The speech synthesis thing they are talking about has been in the market forever. A lot of apps already use it, Google just added it to its code. I would imagine it means that as i predicted certain aspects of updates will have to be downloaded from the market and not included, which is fine since it seems like they will give out the framework and apps in the market to make up for not being able to fit them in an update.

  • Probably the most important part of the explanation was not highlighted: which includes the “voices”. Just like Deinfinityx said – it is very likely that there _will_ be ROM updates for G1 aka Dream but they will be 'trimmed down' – without voices which have to be downloaded separately. Or at least I hope so. I'm still believing that Google and HTC (did not screw up &) are not about to wash their hands of G1 aka Dream users.

  • Yup, the TTS package has been up in the Market for months! It means it's an optional package.

  • why am i not surprised? oh yeah that was bullshit before 😛

  • roy

    As a laywer I would say that this statement means that people with the Dream/G1 are in fact, pretty much done. What they are saying is that if we want the speech feature, we can download it. In other words, we won't get it by default. What that means is that we don't get the same OTA update as everybody else. What that means is that we don't get all those new features. And since we only got confirmation that we could get speech synthesis through the market, the other features are not available to us.

    This is what someone should read in that message. Whatever will happen might be different.

  • nainai

    well er if this update is a problem already I'm sure it may be the last. And since that I might aswell get the iphone then

  • Fiat Lux

    Read it carefully, people…the SpeechSynthesis Data Installer we're being directed to download is required for the text-to-speech engine (Pico), and is not a replacement for the engine intended to placate G1 users.. Ergo, 1.6 will be available to G1 users.