Why My G1 Qualifies as a “Smartbook”

g1_brownMy T-Mobile G1 is already a smartbook, is it not?

Let me explain.  I can surf the web, check e-mail, download and listen to podcasts, keep up with facebook/Twitter friends, use a variety of instant message clients, use Gmail as a word processor (in a pinch) and actually use this same device as a fully functional telephone.

Big deal, so is the iPhone, right?  Yes and no. It can do all the above functions but, at the most two maybe three at a time. I routinely use the G1 for simultaneous activity and connectivity.   This is the inherent beauty of what Google has allowed their developers and community to develop around Android.  And because it is built on the Linux kernel there is no question about its reliability and security.

So based on the form factor and ability many of Android’s phones may actually qualify as a smartbook: not quite a netbook but it can also be used as a full PC on the go with 3G and WiFi capabilities.

Add my Seidio extended battery to the mix and the device power is raised exponentially.

  • BackInAction

    You can't use Google Docs with an Android?

  • Peter


    can you video conference or watch live mobile TV with a G1?


    is your G1 screen 7 inches in diameter?

    the iPhone cannot pull up flash — can the G1?

    Video Conference, Flash, mobile TV, all-day battery life, and a big screen all make the smartbooks the next big thing in mobile computing —

    • warp99

      You can do all that with the Nokia N900, the only limitation being the screen size. As Android matures you're going to see all of these features included to keep up with the competition. In the future the line between smartbooks, smartphones, and even netbooks will be almost indistinguishably.

  • Chris

    Yes you can ue Google Docs with an Android phone. I do all the time

    • BackInAction

      OK, great! His comment about using Gmail as a "word processor" had me scared.

      • troymccluresf

        Yeah, there's a even a good little client app.

  • Lak

    U plum Sam…u cant fit that thing in your pocket dude….can you?

    and yes I have a G1 and use google docs as well, and I am sure.. and if we wanted something similar to that we can use


    which runs android as well

    • Lak

      i Mean Peter U plum!!! 🙂

  • Yeah I don't think you understand what "Smartbook" book actually is. It is NOT lesser form of netbook. It is a netbook with the added properties of a smartphone including telephony.

    Your ANDROID is NOT a smartbook because the thing has a 3.2 inch screen. It is a smartphone and doesn't even approach smartbook by any stretch of the imagination.

    Might want to delete this article 😉

  • Randal

    Not sure he knows what exponentially means either.

  • bob

    yes lets not make shit up, ok? There is already a category that the g1 fits into its called "smart phone". Its not a "smartbook", "netbook", "laptop", "newton" :p, etc. PERIOD.

  • lisa

    hmm. see, this is the problem that marketers will face when pushing these things. is there a list of specs that define a smartbook as such? or a netbook or ultraportable or whatever? there's too many categories which will lead to confusion amongst buyers.

  • bobo

    Everyone needs to read up more information into htc. its not an open android but the hero runs flash and the ui is 10 times better than the regular android. We are seeing the android evolve.