App Review: VPN Connections

wadesapp-1I have been using Wade Mealing’s VPN Connections application for a few months now and I am very impressed.  While it took some time to get Exchange support on the G1 (I currently use NitroDesk TouchDown – future app review), I could not take advantage of it until I got a proper IPSEC VPN client.  Enter VPN Connections.

The UI is clean and simple and it allows connections to password and RSA protected VPN concentrators.  If there is a drawback for this application I would say that it’s only because it works on a rooted Android device at the moment.  I have heard, however, that the developer is rumored to be working with Google to develop a production version for stock Android.

The app gives you a network alert anytime the VPN loses connection with the option to reconnect.  I have found this app to work just OK on EDGE but exceptionally well on WiFi and most 3G connections.  This application can be found in the Android Market.

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  1. chefgon
    September 21, 17:16 Reply

    Okay, I give up, what is a VPN for?

    • Sam
      September 21, 18:45 Reply

      virtual private network – private network link that needs to be established to access corporate/private e-mail, internet, intranet, extranet

  2. troy
    October 06, 17:41 Reply

    How does this app work with Donut? I noticed that Donut do not have group credentials in the native vpn client. It has a pre-shared key but no group name.

  3. chris
    January 19, 03:59 Reply

    I have VPN Connections version 97 installed on my rooted droid. When I first launched VPN Connections I was asked to enter my credentials, which I did. Now when I launch the app, all I get is a screen that allows me to enable VPN, setup netword notifications, and view a list of vpn networks. How do I launch the vpnc program? When I click my network, it only brings up the edit screen. Never do I see a "connect" button.

    • chuyc
      January 20, 04:18 Reply

      Press and hold down the VPN connection you setup. You will see a pop-up to connect, disconnect and edit the connection.

  4. Johnny
    June 08, 11:15 Reply

    I don't (want to) have a rooted phone, but have setup a VPN connection that works fine. The problem is that starting it is such a hassle (like 10 clicks or something) and on top of that it doesn't save my password. Isn't there an app that can just solves make that simpler without having to have a rooted phone?

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