App Review: Thinking Space

mainMenu-200x300Ever find yourself trying to visually walk yourself through a problem or an idea?  Wish you had something to jot down notes or map as a flow chart?  We all have.  What do you do when you’re on the go and have the same problems?  Charlie Chilton has a solution for you. His app, ‘Thinking Space’ is a mind mapping tool for the Android platform.

Thinking Space is one of the most innovative applications I’ve encountered in the Android Market. Decent graphics, well thought UI, and wide spectrum of functionality makes it one of my favorite productivity applications.

This app offers you numerous tools to manage your mind maps. You can easily create nodes, arrange them, and add notes to them. What I really like, is that working with this app doesn’t require use of  the menu button. Most of functionality is accessible from the screen.

mapEdition menu_inMap

Maps created with this app are compatible with Freemind 0.9 and with Xmind. So your team members don’t need even to have Android phone.  Upload your work and show them what you’ve done within seconds.   Also it allows you to do your job in more pleasant environments than the office :-).  Be creative on the go!

A few things which bothered me:  Trackball navigation is far from perfect – I had the impression that it sometime moved me randomly within the maps.  Zoom in and zoom out functions are not as smooth as I would have liked.  Along the same lines, graphics are far away from perfect.  Pictures used in menu are readable but not intuitive.  Despite things things, Thinking Space is still the best and, for now,  only mind mapping app in the Android Market.

You can find Thinking Space for free today.

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  1. flea papa
    September 17, 15:50 Reply

    a great app!! i will go get it.

    the world's first social flea with mashup ^_^

  2. roy
    September 21, 20:17 Reply

    This is a pretty decent app, but I found that my problems just aren't complex enough for me to need this (and I am a student). I just use a notepad most of the time.

  3. MedTechCC
    September 26, 18:09 Reply

    Great app. Will try to integrate with Freemind

  4. TheTrotsky
    November 09, 04:21 Reply

    I love this app. I use it to outline my blog posts before I write them. In the past I used to make paper bullet lists but this kind of application really brings out the benefits of having a smartphone!

  5. Path1
    January 08, 20:13 Reply

    Awesome app, the graphics are much better than the boring design of the mac version

  6. Charlie
    February 01, 19:15 Reply

    highly recommend. jotting down salient points of a topic, strategy, etc. I used it to map out an account plan for a large partner of mine. Never encountered the endless list on a piece of paper where I eventually run out of room. Is there a way to reduce the map to a PPT or outline format??

  7. mistifaery
    March 01, 21:29 Reply

    I love this app! I use it for mapping out my book as well as mapping out my goals!! Great APP

  8. Madman
    May 24, 18:44 Reply

    Hey, does anyone know how to view it on the computer? I cant find anything that can open .bak or .mm files

    • Buangor
      June 16, 11:46 Reply

      .mm files are FreeMind files, an excellent free cross-platform mindmap app.

  9. Bojan Djordjevic
    May 22, 05:19 Reply

    What format does it keep the files in? If it’s not OPML, it’s not even something I would consider.

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