Detailed Look at Motorola Cliq

cliq_03The fine folks at T3 are among the first to really get their hands on the upcoming Motorola CLIQ/DEXT handset.  They’re big fans of the MOTOBLUR interface and the widgets that come with it.  They do compare it to HTC Sense but not in great detail.

It’s not all sunshine and glitter – they are fair in the review and even offer up some criticism.  For instance, the keyboard feels a bit cramped and the camera comes off as run-of-the-mill.  Despite the shortcomings, they definitely look on the phone favorably and feel MOTO has a winner on their hands.

That aside, the DEXT is a rock-solid performer from the long-serving Motorola. The fast processor means jumping from widget to widget is smooth as you like, with only the odd touchscreen issue to slow you down, while the connectivity is second to none. Heavy social networkers armed with a Gmail log-in should definitely consider the DEXT. You’ll need to put in some hours to master the mass of options on offer but it at least feels worth the effort. When was the last time you could say that about a Motorola phone?

  • Fakhra

    The phone is pretty impressive with amazing amazing potential.

    Any idea when it'll be release to the UAE? Or if I can get an unlocked version of the handset online whenever it'll be released in US/ UK?

    • I landed here looking for the same thing! It's been well over 3 weeks since its release, we haven't heard anything from Motorola over here in the Middle East and Africa… I wonder what they're up to, or if it won't be released here at all… All we can do is hope, and drop by a Moto Shop every now and then I guess… :S

      If anyone has any reliable information please reply to my post, I've subscribed and I can check it all the time.

      – Moey

      • Fakhra

        Dude, I reckon we're left on the sidelines to stare and drool.

        I frickin want a Droid in my hands, that is localized!!! It is so frustrating. Blaugh.

  • trina

    I have this phone and its great. However I bought it to the uae and can’t get it on line here at all through etisalat 3g. No. Settings !!! Can anyone help ?