Ustream’s Mobile Streaming App Lands on Android

UStreamLogoOne of the major competitors to Qik, Ustream, has made dropped their Android app on us.  Available by the time you read this, the app allows users to broadcast video and host chat from their handset.  According to TechCrunch, Ustream is said to handle the issue of latency better than competitors.

Another cool feature of Ustream is that it allows for users to overtake a stream and start broadcasting from another source.  For instance, you can offer a steady live feed from your office and then override it with another source from a man in the field.  When you’re done, return the show to its normal broadcast.  Very cool!

Check back soon for a head to head comparison of Qik and Ustream.

  • Naomi

    This is great but I'd like an app that lets me watch UStream broadcasts as well!

  • It's an impressive app but does have some rough edges. Hopefully the Ustream devs will be addressing the "cannot access the camera. Please reboot your phone" that I'm getting more than occasionally…

  • ethan

    doesn't work on 1.6