Yet Another Pair of HTC Phones Coming This Year?

htc_logoTwo more code-named Android handsets have emerged this week, both of which are rumored for Verizon.  Digitimes is reporting that an HTC Passion is coming in the 4th quarter.

HTC is also likely to cooperate with Google again to roll out the next-generation Google phone, the Passion, in the fourth quarter, the paper added.

We like the “cooperate with Google part” quite a bit.  Hopefully this means the full Android experience and not a watered down, custom Verizon build.

The other handset that’s arrived in rumorville is the HTC Predator.  The Boy Genius Report is hearing an October release for this one.  Neither phones have any specs or prices yet but with the end of year closing in on us, we wouldn’t be surprised if all the details suddenly emerged tomorrow.

Stick around, we’ll be here to bring you anything and everything we can get our hands on.

Source: Phandroid