App Review: Handcent SMS

handcent_popup1-200x300If you haven’t tried Handcent’s SMS app, you should go download it NOW.  It’s packed full of customizable features & one of those apps you’ll find yourself using every day.  These awesome features range from conversation style, to fonts, and notifications.

Conversation choices can match your personality with either their classic, regular, IPhone, or Android (a feature which sets this app apart from others that assume everyone wants their phone to look like an IPhone).  You can go a step further by selecting font size, color, or changing the font entirely with available font packs.  If you’re using the IPhone style, the color of the bubbles can also be changed.  You can establish these options and more for each contact!

Notification popups is where Handcent is a step above the rest.  It gives you the option of sending a quick reply directly from the pop up without even opening the app & now even gives the option to speak that quick reply instead.  This option is extremely useful if your trying to text someone while driving, which none of us do right?  If you have TTS (Text To Speech) installed, you can also have the message read to you.  There are tons of notification options at your finger tips!

The only downsides I’ve seen, are an occasional freeze or force close.  With constant updates, I’m sure these will be improved on.With Handcent SMS, you can make your SMS App as much a part of you as your mobile phone is.  You will use it everyday and find yourself wishing you always had this great app to keep in touch with your contacts!  Just search Handcent in Android’s market & whats even better, its FREE!

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  1. Daniel Howard
    September 22, 18:05 Reply

    For me, the killer feature is reminder notifications. When I'm on-call I switch to a thoroughly obnoxious ringtone, with a perpetual one-minute reminder. Otherwise I would sleep through pages.

  2. Dai
    March 23, 14:29 Reply

    awesome…you really get to build your own sms database

  3. smerlyn
    April 15, 22:13 Reply

    how do i stop the messaging from other apps that came with the fone

  4. Sonny
    June 12, 06:58 Reply

    this app is killer. I downloaded it 2day and it's just AWESOME.. It's like,, the God of Messaging. :) it even let me change the LED color and pattern. I made mine a flashy rainbow. 😀

  5. Laura
    May 04, 02:56 Reply

    Is anyone else experiencing a slow response to your phone after downloading this app? I have the Droid Pro and right after downloading it, everything moves slooowwwwwlllyyyyyy….

  6. Leif Knudsen
    June 08, 12:55 Reply

    The Quick Reply is not an advantage at all – why give two different look and feels for the same thing? Just open the app, show the message and set the cursor ready to reply please!

  7. kev r
    July 14, 17:15 Reply

    can anyone please tell me how to get my contacts into groups

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