Real World Hyperlinking From GeoVector’s World Surfer

geovector_logoSan Francisco-based GeoVector has announced the launch of their directional search and pointing app for Android handsets.   Available today in the Android Market, World Surfer allows for users to simply point their phone towards a place that interests them and learn more about it.  One can aim their phone down a street and search for things in that direction such as retailers, restaurants and other points of interest.  This ain’t your mom’s augment reality app!

An app like this could really do well for retailers looking to market directly to mobile consumers.  Imagine being able to point your phone at a restaurant and getting coupons and special offers when you want them.  GeoVector definitely sees the potential in this as well as evidenced in their press release.

Our pointing interface and multi-channel content is perfect for delivering user-requested marketing offers at the time and place where people are most likely to buy. Several national and international retail and restaurant chains are currently in discussion with GeoVector to reach out to their customers using World Surfer. – John Ellenby, GeoVector CEO

World Surfer’s data comes from a variety of sources here in the US, including Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo! Local, Wikipedia, Papa John’s, and Starbucks.  Further, GeoVector’s supports third-party plug-ins and has API documentation for you developers out there.

Look for the forthcoming HTC Hero from Sprint to have World Surfer installed out of the box!

  • Thanks for the QR code!!!
    looks pretty cool btw. I bet it would get a lot more news coverage if it had AR, but I haven't found a useful AR yet…

  • It still feels like AR to me, in concept. Not the usual execution of laying information over the camera view, but pointing at buildings and stuff and getting info on them feels like it's augmenting reality.

    I need to play with it more, but my first thought was that it reminds me of Google Places Directory with a lot of polish. Seems pretty cool!

  • i like the concept.. its very very natural..