WaveSecure Beta for Android


wave_secureA company called tenCube has announced the release of their WaveSecure mobile security application for the Android platform.  Already available in S60 and Windows versions, the app promises to be a complete device and data security app.

The app is in beta so the developers are looking for some help in putting together a great product.  If security apps are your thing, then we suggest you check it out. According to their blog, WaveSecure offers the following features:

  • Lock your phone remotely to prevent unauthorized access to your phone
  • Track your phone’s location and the SIM changes in your phone (even if your phone is not with you!)
  • Backup your contacts, SMS, media and call logs
  • Restore your contacts and SMS
  • Remotely wipe your data on your phone and memory card

If you want to find the app in the Android Market, you need to search for ‘wsandroid‘.  Of course, you can also break out your trusty Android handset and scan the barcode found at the bottom of this article.  Be sure to let them know what you think could improve or enhance the app!


  1. I'm able to uninstalled from Settings->Applications
    I'm also able to uninstall it by "adb uninstall com.wsandroid" on a non-rooted G1
    it will also be gone in Factory Rest.

    So what's the good use of this if it can be SO easily uninstalled by anyone?

    Unless it becomes a built-in apk like Amazon Mp3, i don't see it as very useful.

    nice app though 🙂

  2. @ Lordhong, congrats on using WaveSecure! Yes, agreed – WaveSecure can be uninstalled using the method you mentioned.

    When you lose your phone, you would lock it immediately by sending an SMS to your phone (Secure lock <PIN>). So once locked, a malicious user cannot uninstall the application on your phone!

    Also, a thief is likely to change the SIM in the phone to his own. The default setting for ‘Lock on SIM Change’ is on and the phone will lock when the thief changes the SIM. We introduced this feature based on inputs from our users.

    That said, we are exploring more ways to proactively prevent users from easily uninstalling the App.

    About becoming a built-in APK, we'll get there soon, will keep you posted =)

    Do spread the word, and May the phone be with you!


    Business Development Associate, tenCube
    [email protected]

  3. How different is wavesecure from bak2u that started earlier than you guys?
    They launch symbian and you guys follow, same for sony ericson too. I am on their android for 3 months already and yours like the same as theirs.

    • @Richie – hi there, actually we don’t really know what the differences are. Since you’ve been using their product – it’d be great if you can tell us if there is anything we can do better!

      I searched for bak2u quickly on market/androlib – actually I didn’t find the android product, could you tell me where I can download it?

      Usually, we are much more interested in what our users have got to say than what other developers are doing, I’m sorry if I am not much help here. =)

  4. Hey guys, Thank you for supporting WaveSecure!

    We've published a major update to WaveSecure on Android Market : that fixed an issue with keeping the CPU awake 100% of the time – something that's been bugging a lot of our users until now.

    We've also fixed a lot of other small issues, you can read our blog post here for full details: http://blog.tencube.com/2009/11/wavesecure-update

    Do get the update at the same bar code in the original post up here!

    Thanks to all of you who helped us test out our various fixes and being patient with us – we couldn't have done this without you!

    Please spread the word, and May the phone be with you!!


    Team WaveSecure

  5. Hey guys,

    Thank you for all your support! We've just placed #3 overall for ADC 2, and I must say we are plenty chuffed. We went down to Blooie's to have a celebratory lunch and then released a new update for WaveSecure on Android. Work work.

    May the Phone be with you!
    The Yixman

    Team WaveSecure

  6. Hi all,
    To thank Android users who supported and made our ADC win possible, we are offering a free lifetime account to Android users. Just download WaveSecure before 31st Jan 2010 and you will be able to enjoy a free WaveSecure account for as long as you use that Android device. Help us spread the word so other Android users can benefit from it too!

    Also, it will be awesome if you can join us on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/wavesecure. See you there!

    Team WaveSecure

    • Hi

      No, I mean the ability to sms the phone and force the GPS "on" if it has been switched off by the user. I usually keep the GPS off to save on battery life and the location (based on the network signal) can be a little way off whereas the GPS location should be a lot more accurate.


      • Hi Pete,
        Unfortunately, Android (1.5 onwards) doesn't allow apps to turn on GPS without user intervention. Of course, if we prompt the user to turn on GPS it defeats the whole purpose of silently tracking your phone.

        WaveSecure on other platforms – Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian support this.

        Team WaveSecure

  7. Ah, that explains it then. Unfortunately the non gps tracking just isn't accurate enough for me. It regulary shows my phone either on the opposite side of a river or in the middle of the river itself – I know this isn't related to wavesecure, btw 🙂

    Oh well, I think a battery upgrade might be on the cards.

    Thanks for the reply 🙂

  8. I just messed up…I recently bought the hero and the technician at the shop, installed the wavesecure beta. I put some settings, but when it showed me the phone number, I realised it wasn't my own, maybe when he installed it he had his card in the phone, and I don't know why I didn't write it down. I was messing through the phone, and for some reason, in the wavesecure beta app, it says that my phone might be stolen!!! when I try to retrieve my password through the "forget login info", I realised he didn't even use my email address. I'm honest here, this is my phone, I have the receipt, my warranty and everything and I didn't buy it from the street or anything. I'm taking the phone to the shop on Monday, but this is really messed up…what if I register it, and cause it's my card,and not the initial sim card the phone locks it self?

  9. Btw,
    the problem solved it self even before I read the FAQ in your website, when I had to shut the phone off. When I restarted it everything seems to be ok, it didn't lock it self or anything, and wavesecure beta seems to be working ok and it doesn't give a notification that it might be stolen.

  10. @Andreas

    Great! Feel free to contact us should you have issues.

    And, do spread the word about WaveSecure to your friends! May the phone be with you!


    Team WaveSecure.

  11. I had the phone lock down accidentally. Our power was out at home and we had to go into town. To maximize the phone charge while in the car, I tried repeatedly to turn the phone off while charging. The option to shut down the phone would not work by touch, so I used the D pad to choose the option to shut down the phone. The next time charging was restarted, the WaveSecure alarm went off saying the phone was locked even though I had not sent it the locking SMS. I was informed to call my buddies, which I could not do with the only phone I had in the car. I had to drive to my wife's office–which had power–to get her phone and reset the password. What if this had happened when I was on a lengthy road trip without being near one of my buddies? For now, I have uninstalled to retain control of my own phone. Let me know if this issue can be resolved.

  12. Absolutely great app. I have it and it is so simple. Just send sms and thats it. Great work. I do hope to see you making money from this soon but am glad mine was free. Thanks alot guys.


  13. Does this app charge you if you incorrectly enter pin number to unlock. Have had unexpected charges to my bill lately to number 006592324290.

    • Hi Dave B,
      Rest assured this is not the case. I don't think any company will resort to such an unethical business model. 🙂

      To improve reliability, we have switched back to our SMS gateway in Singapore. Depending on your carrier/operator, you may be charged for receiving international text messages when executing remote instructions. To ensure that this doesn't surprise users, we've included this on our web site.

      Team WaveSecure

  14. Omg. Look at this (from their website):

    "WaveSecure works on a system of SMS-triggered commands."

    Other software does this since ages.


    Also they have subscription fees, which is ridiculous. And which phone has internet access when a new SIM was inserted and was not configured to use the internet before??? Besides why is it plainly visible on the phone – every thief will instantly hard reset the phone when finding this app.


    • Hi Reinhard,
      Thank you for your feedback. With regard to your comment on "other software does this since ages", WaveSecure never claimed to be the first to pioneer this.

      As we are a business, generating revenue is essential. Hence, subscription fees is not ridiculous in our humble opinion. In fact, we are offering free lifetime subscription if you download WaveSecure for Android before 31 March 2010. How did you get charged for using it?

      WaveSecure monitors your current SIM and when a new one is inserted, a text message will be sent to your buddy that you have set up. This way, you can be notified of the current SIM in your phone. You can also login to the website to track this. There is no need for configuration.

      The app is visible as it lets you perform a variety of tasks including backup, lock, restore etc straight from your phone. It's password protected so unauthorized people have no access to it.

      Hope this clears up your misconception of WaveSecure. If you are still unsure, feel free to visit our site at http://www.wavesecure.com to find out more about it.

      Team WaveSecure

    • Hi Reinhard,
      With regard to the comment "Other software does this since ages", our company never claimed that we are the first implement a security service works on a system of SMS-triggered commands. We do, however, hold a patent for our solution.

      As for the subscription fees, we are running a business so it is no surprise that we need a revenue model. That said, WaveSecure for Android has been free and we've been giving out lifetime subscription accounts for users who downloaded and activated it before 31 March 2010. Do let us know if you have paid for WaveSecure for Android. You might have been conned.

      The point you brought up about not having internet configured is one of the main reasons why WaveSecure utilizes SMS for reliable communication. Without depending on a data plan or needing the handset to be configured for internet access, WaveSecure will send a SMS to your buddies when it detects an unknown SIM. An email will also be dispatched to you containing the number from that SIM.

      The app is visible on the phone because it lets you perform features like backing up your data and restoring it.

      From our experience, most people with bad intentions will remove the original SIM and insert their own SIM, rather than hard reset it. When that happens, WaveSecure will do it's work to protect the phone, data and privacy.

      Team WaveSecure

  15. Hi Reinhard,
    Thanks for the comment.

    Not sure what that comment, "Other software does this since ages" is for. We never claim to be the first software developer to come up with a mobile security product.

    The reality is that we're a business so there must be a source of revenue. Developing a product doesn't come cheap, too. That said, we are currently offering free lifetime subscription to Android users till 31 Mar 2010 so I am not sure how you incurred subscription fees when using it.

    When a new SIM card is inserted, the phone with WaveSecure will automatically send a text message to pre-determined numbers even if there is no internet access.

    As for app being visible, it is so that you can perform functions like backing up from your phone.

    I hope this addresses the misconception you have of WaveSecure. Feel free to contact us if you are still unsure about our offering.

    Team WaveSecure

    • Dear Cheewee @ McAfee,

      I had installed a free trial period for 7 days and the sms supposed to go only when the sim is changed not every time we put on the phone!!!
      McAfee is trying to make heavy money uninformed to the users or making money from the bugs?!

      This is like taking Anti Malware that is itself cheating with malware!!!

      This is not funny!

      Kindly clarify!!!

  16. Just relised i've spent a fiver on bloody sms messages to singapore!!! Why can't they use ones included in free texts surely the subscription cost covers a gateway number that is free for us all?

  17. Hi, im very interested in having such a measure on my HTC hero.. especially after losing phone b4. But with all the smartphones, there is a function ‘factory reset’, will that make this software redundant?
    or are u saying that this software will kick in when he changes the SIM? what if he resets before changing?

  18. I have a HTC Desire – why have I suddenly started getting charged for SMS to Singapore? My handset has never sent a SMS to you before, why start now? What does the SMS do?

  19. Regarding the 006592324290 number, i am happy to be charged for the message, but why are there 4 sms sent? i only have 1 buddy in my list. i had to use a different sim and for got to disable wavesecure and ended up paying.