First Sony Ericsson app in the Android Market


sonyEricsonWhile checking new apps coming into the Android Market (via RSS feed), I came across the 1st app from Sony Ericsson called AmbientTime Lite 1.0.

If this is to get a taste of  the design of the apps going to be included in the upcoming Sony Ericsson Android devices, it is promising. It is only a clock and will mess up with HTC TouchFlo, so be warned before installing it.


    • Well, this app must be a home screen of some kind and it will affect the Home and menu buttons. Once in the app, if you press menu, you will end up in the "normal" Android home screen. If you press home, the HTC Hero will open a "Complete action using" dialog for you to choose what to open next: Home (Android home), AmbientTime Lite or TouchFLO.

  1. SE's Xperia X3 will be gorgeous… if only:

    1) It had a keyboard
    2) And Tegra (I don't give a crap about Snapdragon which can't accelerate flash, has relatively poor battery life, and comes with an awful GPU)