Mippin to Release ‘Buzz Deck’ Next Week

BuzzDeck1Be on the lookout next week for an app called Buzz Deck. It’s the first Android title from Mippin and it also happens to be their entry into the Android Developers Challenge. If you haven’t heard of Mippin, they help bring your favorite web content to mobile phones.  Content that includes breaking news from Reuters, tech updates from Gizmodo, and all the way down to your favorite blogs.Buzz Deck seeks to extend the web experience for Android users  with an app that “brings content and web services together and also provides the quickest and easiest way to access web content you care about most.”  The app includes dozens of stream cards, social networking cards, and web services.  Check out the video below for a sneak preview.

Here’s a few bullet points pulled from the Mippin blog:

  • At your fingertips – Flick through your favourite topics and stories with ease.
  • May we recommend? – Buzz Deck learns quickly and adds recommended content to your experience.
  • Stay social – Get Twitter and Facebook updates alongside your daily hit of news content.
  • No fluff – Simple, elegant and fast. No Waiting. Buzz Deck just works.

Check back with us in the next day or so to see a hands-on preview of the app!

  • Thanks for that Android Guys. We can't wait to release Buzz Deck in to Android Market. Just wanted to clarify (as I don't think we did it properly earlier on) that Buzz Deck is our second app for Android; Buzz Widgets, in a choice of four topics, were available a few months ago for Android users, though we didn't mention the Mippin connection much.

    Anyways, as you can tell its all about the 'Buzz!'


  • what tha.. Cool…