October 26, 2014

Don't Hold Your Breath...

gphone_concept..because I don’t think we will ever see Google itself manufacture a handset for Android.  One of the pieces of buzz right now is how people are wishing that Google would be like Apple and create a piece of hardware that will run the Android system at its best. While I would LOVE to see that, we have to remember that Google is not in the hardware business, but the search industry.

Now before you go off citing different products that Google does make, hear me out.  Google at it’s core is a search company- everything they do is geared towards generating revenue for itself through keywording as it relates to advertising.  The genius in their multi-layered plan is that Google layers their core business value behind dead useful applications that users simply fall in love with.  ALL of those applications are geared towards targeting advertising towards those users in an unassuming but right in front of you way.  If any of you have ever used gmail you will know what I mean.  When you are reading one of your emails, you see ads that are targeted at the keywords in the title of your email, and in your body text that is sent to you.  It is pretty ingenious,and makes Google a lot of money.  This is not some nefarious plan; It is simply a “give and take” business model that I think is really not a bad one.  They give us some great applications, we give them our attention and info.

Apply that thinking to the Android platform.  They (Google) feed keywords to you, and then in turn, you feed those to advertisers who are going to pay you to target certain individuals.  Would you not be looking for ways to get your applications and search engine into as many people’s hands as possible?  Of course!  This is EXACTLY what Google is doing with Android.

I think that Google has created a business model where they are seeking for users to be using Android without even knowing it.  They want the Android experience to be almost transparent, like using Google in your web browser is now.  When you want to search something, you go to Google.  It is second nature.  Google wants you to start doing that with your data enabled smart phone.

Look at the scads of phones that are coming out with Android installed.  Every major manufacturer has jumped on board and are hard at work creating the killer handset.  From a business standpoint, using Android makes incredible sense.  It’s easily obtainable, open source and there’s very little investment risk into putting the OS on their equipment.  Couple that with the power of Google as a company and you have a no-brainer.  Google provides them with a promising platform that a lot of people are excited about and will sell handsets.  What does Google get?  Think about it.

Google gets you using their products constantly.  You search, read emails, use Google voice, and more.  It tracks your movements through maps, and it keeps track of what types of places you are searching for when you are looking for directions.  What does Google get? A TREASURE TROVE of info. Every single second they get access to your habits in spending, listening, emailing and searching.  This makes it that much easier to target you as an individual for advertising.

Essentially, Google is looking to get Android into as many hands as possible so that they can continue expanding their core function – search.

I think our desire for an Android handset that runs fast and smooth comes from looking at the iPhone.  Admittedly, the iPhone is a great piece of hardware.

With the iPhone, you have a great unit.  One that is an Apple built piece of hardware that pushes the OS to it’s limits.  With this great piece of equipment comes a HEAVY price tag of development.  Hence why the unit is pricey.  Yes, it’s coming down, that is for sure, but the newest versions are still up there.  Apple needs to recoup their investment and expand their business.  Google on the other hand, has VERY little monetary risk to recoup, and will make what they do have invested back through advertising pretty quickly.

I think that we will continue to see the Android foot print expanding as the different carriers work hard to bring an iPhone-like experience to an Android handset.  We will see Google focus on the different branches of updates, continue merging all their services with Android, making their applications more accessible to the handsets that are using the OS.

The end result being Android for the masses.  These masses will then return the favor with a wealth of information to Google.  Information which enriches their advertising strategy, in turn continuing to fuel them with money.  Google is a for profit business.  Their profit comes when you use their products.  They don’t want to build the best handset for their Android platform, they want as many people as possible using their product.  Don’t hold your breath for Google to make you a sweet handset, you will certainly lose.