Unboxing an HTC Hero for Sprint [VIDEO]

hero_sprint_official_002I had the privilege of unboxing an HTC Hero from Sprint today and wanted to share the experience.  It was my first time playing with the HTC Sense UI and something beefier than the G1.  The video you’ll see is raw, unedited footage but still something you might enjoy.  Check back over the coming days and weeks as I put it to the test!

If you have any specific questions about the phone as I run it through the gamut, leave a comment!  You can also hit me on twitter at @AndroidGuysCom!  I’ll do my best to address each of them.

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  1. Dorel
    September 25, 22:04 Reply

    You shalt not talk to your cat like that again ! 😀

    • androidguys
      September 25, 23:37 Reply

      Both my cats were running around like they knew I had the camera on. Surprised you didn't hear the other.

  2. Jessica
    September 25, 22:15 Reply

    Does it have the Google branding on it?

    • androidguys
      September 25, 23:37 Reply

      Not on the back a la the G1, but it has all the apps and full Market experience.

  3. Raphaels
    September 25, 22:16 Reply

    No headphones… weird, why they haven't included the ones they have for the EU HTC Hero with the small controller. They are not that bad actually when compared to the ones I've seen from Nokia or Apple.

    Oh… and nice cat :-)

  4. Feech
    September 26, 01:24 Reply

    You're so geeked out its ridiculous…

  5. Jameson
    September 26, 11:32 Reply

    When you post back about your experience with the phone, I wanna know, do you accidentally hit the touch buttons while trying to get stuff done?

    That's the deal breaker for me. If the touch buttons are super sensitive and get in the way of typing, dialing or whatever… that would suck.

    Thanks for the unboxing vid. I can't wait to get my paws on one.

  6. Feech
    September 26, 11:34 Reply

    PC World is reporting that the Hero is the first Android phone to run the 1.6 donut update. Can you confirm this?

  7. Daniel
    September 26, 22:43 Reply


    I just got a HTC Hero and I have to say…it's not the same as yours :/
    I bought on J&R (NY)…do you know if there is more than one Hero model :/
    The vendor told me that the Hero was from Europe, but, I didn't know that the USA version (if there is such) was going to be deferrent.
    What are the specifications of your phone ?
    Thanks :)

  8. swu
    September 27, 03:13 Reply

    @Daniel, yeah, the gsm (european) version of htc hero looks completely different from sprint's htc hero (cdma). when sprint htc hero is announced on 9/3 or 9/4, there were so many discussion on various forum about how different it looks.

  9. Rizo
    September 27, 02:03 Reply

    Yaaaaawwwwnnnnn… Sprints new design of the hero sucks. Plus it’s sprint, who left a bad taste in a lot of users mouth, including mine. Looking forward to the xperia, now thats a real phone. Hopefully it wont be a sprint phone.

  10. TareX
    September 28, 08:24 Reply

    European HTC Hero looks infinitely better :)

  11. Wasabee
    September 29, 23:18 Reply

    Ok, I love your cat! Hilarious! I can haz hero pwease!

    Thanks for the video!

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