App Review: PicMe (Screen Grabber)


PicMe is a tool to capture the screen from your Android device, however it can only be used on rooted devices. It has been tested on Dream, Magic, Hero, Galaxy.

To get a screenshot from your Android device, you can install the Android SDK, connect the phone via USB and use the Dalvik Debug Monitor (ddms). Or you can use Screenshot (only rooted devices), it will save the captured screen on your memory card (or sent it by email) but you will still need to transfer it to your computer.

PicMe will get the screen capture directly to your computer, in your browser. You just need to point to the IP address of your Android device (displayed when you start PicMe), then you can save the graphic and refresh the page to get the next one… this is very easy and simple to use.

According to the developer the “next version will embed a VNC server and expose VNC applet to support more dynamic views”, very promising!

UPDATE: The latest version 0.6.2, available on the Market, has now a live mode, with a refresh rate of 1 to 2 seconds depending on your wireless.  You can see what is displayed on the screen of your Android from your browser or a Java standalone player. This tool is going to be very handy for demos and tutorial.  Good job Johan!


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  1. @dman92
    September 27, 17:16 Reply

    Thanks for the review. Would have never found this without. It's a great app, and free to boot! Awesome.

  2. Paolo Amoroso
    September 29, 09:57 Reply

    Why do all Android screen capture utilities seem to require rooting? Linux distributions can capture screen shots in user mode. Why not Android?

  3. Jerry Castaneda
    October 05, 01:15 Reply

    The review of the screen grabber is thoroughly explained even with a very brief discussion. This is quite an interesting post that can be very useful.

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