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suitcaseThis is the first week I have traveled with my iPod and not used it at all thanks to my G1 and the myTouch 3G.  As posted in a previous article I have an extended battery for the G1 so it has an actual standby of a week now and after watching several movies the battery meter only went down 25%.  The culprit of the G1’s battery strength is cell standby so it’s not just the improved battery but the benefit of not using it as a phone that keeps it alive.

While, I was VERY skeptical of the keyboard-less myTouch I have since warmed up to it and have kept my cool for its redeeming features of running background apps and the HTC keyboard.  (I would have kept my jailbroken/unlocked iPhone if only it would have run more than one productivity app at a time).  Another thing I tried this week is the Wireless Tether app.  Since I do not usually have a need for it because of nearly ubiquitous WiFi, Wireless Tether converts the EDGE/3G signal into WiFi so my phone can double as a hotspot and I can tether the G1 to the mT3G.

Here are some apps that make Android more bearable as a travel companion:

  • Google Maps
  • Wireless Tether
  • music/video player(s)
  • DoggCatcher for my podcasts
  • VPN Connection
  • HotSpot Locator
  • eBuddy
  • Google Voice
  • aCompass
  • And of course some of your favorite games

I have tried to use either phone as an “everything” device and inevitably I am let down by battery power, size, or being interrupted by calls when I am using it as a media player.  So while the holy grail is still a converged device of phone, media, social, location, and web it looks as if I will be destined to carry two units around for some time then I am glad that both of them are running Android.

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  1. joe
    September 27, 18:01 Reply

    cant find wireless tether

  2. Tom
    October 02, 07:07 Reply

    Man, how could you travel without OnTheRoad Android client…

    • @herrensam
      October 04, 10:53 Reply

      I haven't used the paid app yet but I tried it out initially. Looked good but I went with TouchDown by NitroDesk. Gives me Exchange sync'ing to email, calendar, and contacts. Please let me know if OTR does more and I'll give it another try. Thanks.

  3. Ivan
    October 03, 19:11 Reply

    I don't know if you are coming back to read this Sam, but I have a couple of questions.

    1. Why do you use 2 android devices? Why the G1 and the myTouch? What are the benefits to having one or the other?

    2. Can you talk about why you are using each of those apps? Maybe in your new editorial, you can talk about real world applications of the programs you use and why it makes you so mobile.

    • @herrensam
      October 04, 10:50 Reply

      1. I use two devices depending on my mood for the keyboard and weight. When I use my G1 I have to use the extended battery which makes it a little heavier and bulky: great for day trips and overnights. The myTouch is good for day to day because I generally have a PC with me so no need for a keyboard and it's much lighter for day-to-day use. The myTouch's battery is very good as it is and needs not enhancements.

    • @herrensam
      October 04, 10:54 Reply

      And to answer question #2 Ivan…please stay tuned to my column as I will be reviewing applications that make Android a must for traveling.

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