Motorola Cliq Box Leaked

mot-cliq_box_01The box artwork for the upcoming Motorola Cliq has been unearthed, thanks to a Leakdroid tipster.  Looking very sexy in the black box, potential customers will see some of the more popular apps to come preloaded on the handset.  All of the MOTOBLUR integrated apps are featured prominently on the case –, twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.  We also know from Motorola‘s website that we’ll be treated to apps for Digg, Mint, TeleNav, and a handful of Gawker media properties.  As we get closer to the pre-order and release dates, we’re finding ourselves getting more excited.  Anybody holding out for this phone or plan to upgrade their G1?



  • John

    I am getting this phone for my wife on PreOrder. she loves my G1 and this seems like an upgrade at a better price

  • Captainmicahp

    I am really excited about this phone. Even though I have had my MyTouch 3G for only a couple of weeks I am an Android convert, but I miss a physical keyboard, and Motoblur looks awesome.

  • i wouldn't say i'm holding out for the phone…more like finally settling on an android device because i'm sick of waiting for my dream device. 🙂 still can't wait though!

  • JohnF

    Since this is the only upgrade to the G1 from T-Mo, I'm likely to jump to this model. I like using a keyboard.
    I''ve been on Android since the Pre-order G1 and I love it. (Except memory and battery).
    It has taken along time for T-Mo to get more Android's on the market, all the competitor's initial Android phones seem to be superior…
    I look forward to more Androids on the market too to push the apps. Many apps are still pretty cheesy compared to iPhone apps.

  • Patrick

    The Moto walk through of the device at shows gmail, googel talk, google maps, as well as the android market


    I have played with one already. It's FUN. the idea of integratin of all your contacts, facebook, myspace ect. all on one fun view page and how they are all linked together in a single database IS AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • Beto

    i cant wait. i have an iphone and cant wait to ditch it for Android. I like my iPhone a lot more than I did when i first got it with new release and features but jailbreaking it every so often for new releases can suck.
    Im looking forward to Android's openness and im finally getting a real keyboard back!!! Yes!!

  • Julia

    Totally ready for this device to replace my beloved but ugly G1 that I've had since the presale. Android is IT for me. I get so bored of phones but the rooting, customization, theming, apps, etc of the Android system has kept me on a tight leash!

  • BackInAction

    I'll be interested to hear how folks like using an Android without a trackball.

  • olorin12

    HTC Hero + Flash = all of Android-dom getting Flash before too long.
    iPhone – Flash since forever = who knows when they are getting Flash?

    Sprint Hero = $180 Me being late on a Sprint bill once = me needing a $150 deposit to get the Hero.
    Sprint requiring at least Everything data plan with a new Hero = $70 per month
    Everything data or Simply Everything plans are great plans, but I don't need that much text or talk time.

    Cliq = $200
    T-mobile least expensive talk plan + unlimited data = $55 per month

    I still want an iPhone or iPod Touch, though.
    I'll prolly get the Cliq and an iPod Touch.

  • agbetuyi oluwaseun

    i have the moto cliq (mb200)…its a very cute machine…av got a little problem the phone was sent to me by my dad from US am in live Nigeria. please i need the unlock code for this fone… enable me enjoy this fabulous phone..10ku..await ur response

  • damilola

    i have the moto cliq (mb200)…its a very cute machine…av got a little problem the phone was sent to me from a friend in US, however i live Nigeria. please i need the unlock code for this fone

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