March 27, 2015

T-Mobile Starts the Countdown for Cliq Pre-Orders

cliq_preorder_countdownIn terms of hype, nothing beats an actual launch date for a new flagship phone.   Pre-order dates come close, but what happens until then?  What are we fanboys and fangirls to do until we have something to sign up for?  A recent trend is putting up countdown timers for pre-sales and orders and that’s exactly what happened today with the Motorola Cliq.

You can now register for updates and information as it pertains to the Cliq on a T-Mobile minisite dedicated to the handset.    Doing some basic Calendar 101, we find out that October 19th is the official day to pre-order your next Android phone.

While you wait for the countdown to reach zero, visitors can play with a demo of the MOTOBLUR interface as well as chat with other fans in the forums.  By the way, if you register for the updates, you are entered into a drawing for a “grand prize vacation” courtesy of T-Mobile!

Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR will be available exclusively to T-Mobile customers in both Titanium and Winter White beginning Oct. 19 at or by calling customer care. CLIQ will be available in stores nationwide and online beginning Nov. 2 for $199.99 to eligible customers with a two-year agreement. – PRESS RELEASE

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!  BTW – If you are a current T-Mobile customer, chances are you already heard about this via those free messages they send out.

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  1. RTP

    Wait a bit to buy from T-Mobile, as they burned MT3G pre-orderers and early adopters by first slashing the price by 50% 4 weeks after release with a promotion, then permanently dropping 25% after the promotion ended. As much as I like the phone, I could have waited a month to get the better price. Nothing says they won't pull this again for their other Andrioid releases.

  2. TareX


    There's no way this even has comparable internals to the equally priced -yet IMO overpriced- iPhone 3GS.


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