App Review: Flyscreen for Android

flydroid_flyscreenFlyscreen is a screen lock replacement application that will change the way you think about your lock screen. I have to say for all the time that I have been playing with the application it has really won me over. See the full video review and let us know what you think of Flyscreen.

  • Itamar

    Great review Kevin!

    Just want to point out that you actually can change the weather within the app. Just go to the Widget Gallery, Weather, then Edit. From there you can change the city, change C to F, etc. and save! (The edit option is I think from pre-release version 1.0.0e and onwards, so otherwise you can just remove and re-add it with a new city). Pre-release builds are at


    • Cool!!!! I could never find it. Thanks for pointing it out. That's much easier than going online!

  • I've been using flyscreen for a little while now and I can't imagine without it. Flyscreen brings a whole new twist to Android. Imagine this – Being able to bring all the blog feed apps in the Android market including your favorite social feeds and the ability to add any rss feed you want brought right to your Android phones screen with easy to use navigation with the touch of one button. Well its coming =:o)

  • This seems great and all and I've tried it myself. What I don't understand is… why is this a lock screen? Why not a home replacement? I mean, it's not really locking the screen, is it? The touch screen actually does things, right?

  • Itamar

    Good question, but of course it still locks the screen! It let's you go left/right, but for anything that would open links, make calls, etc. you have to double tap to activate the widgets. But if you don't want to use FlyScreen at that moment at all, it acts the same as the normal lock screen- MENU to pull it up, and MENU to go to homescreen. No extra clicks 😉

    • And as an added bonus Flyscreen is highly customizable and you are able to pick and choose what you would like added to your screen. So you don't really have to have anything on their that is sensitive. (for example SMS, tweets, or facebook).

      Over all it's just way fun to play with. And for the life of me, with as many widgets as i added into it, i saw no slow down!


  • Well… I don't think double tapping is very foolproof either… or am I wrong?

  • drewstiff

    Anyone know when this should be on the market? I'm not seeing it yet and Flyscreen seems awesome!

  • Matt

    Uh, yeah, we'd love to let you know what we think of the app, but perhaps you've forgotten that it's not on the market yet. Not all of your readers were fortunate enough to get in on the invite. It's annoying that they had such a limited number to begin with.

  • Matt

    Ah, just started the video, and you do mention that it's in beta. Sorry about that!

    Still wish I could get the app, though…

  • Yeah, those pre-release builds on their blog only work with a beta invite. Been waiting impatiently for it to launch…

  • o2Do

    TEASES!!! lol, ups on the awesomness though!

  • Josh

    Flyscreen works great when the screen locks becatse of a timeout. But when I press the lock button on the Moto Droid and turn it back on, the default lockscreen shows up. When I swipe through that I get to Flyscreen. How do I turn the default lockscreen off?