Are We on Eve of Donut Rollout?

android_donut_logoYou smell that?  We’re beginning to detect a hint of donut essence.  We get the feeling that we’re going to be seeing the 1.6 rollout any day now.

We received an email from one of our readers pointing out a recent update to the T-Mobile MyAccount application.  He noticed that the app was showing as Update Available today so he decided to see what it was all about. 

“Seeing as to how good the app already was I was interested as to how it could get any better.  So I took a look to see what the update was for and it was strictly to support the 1.6 update.”

Now we all know the SDK has been available for developers for some time now, and that the ADP1 got its Donut update this week.  The Sprint Hero is due out in a matter of weeks so it would not surprise us to see  all these handsets getting the OS boost  to level things across the board.  Why would T-Mobile push out an update before Android 1.6 was released?  Are they being timed to coincide with each other?  Any one of these things is not enough to say definitively that it’s going to happen tonight or tomorrow, but taken as a whole, we think the stars are aligning.


The burning question on G1 owner’s minds of whether or not they’ll get the update will be answered soon enough.  Don’t be surprised if you wake up any day now and find that little notification we’ve all come to love.

Thanks Alex!

  • LipGloss712

    hmm if the G1 gets donut then i will just wait for next year to ugrade to a new android phone.

  • Alex

    Love the website GUYS thanks for posting my email to you…

  • TmoNews says it's starting tonight:

    "Select G1 handsets at 12AM Eastern Daylight Time tonight will receive the Donut update. Next, after a 24-hour waiting period, T-Mobile will extend its deliciousness to MyTouch3G handsets–that is, if there are no hiccups (meaning no bricked phones). Then, if all goes well, the rest of the users will start seeing the trickle down effect, regardless of handset."

  • A J

    Sprint's Heros should ship with Donut then.

  • So, is it worth losing apps2sd, etc., to unroot my phone so I can get the Tmo ota donut update? I'm leaning toward no…

  • Alex

    I personally feeling like i cant wait for the update i dont like my mytouch rooted i love all the cool features i get and diff widgtes and apps etc. but i also love for my mytouch to work properly and be responsive …. "DOUGHNUT" can't wait

  • Namdroid

    I just woke up to a system notification message displayed on my G1. I proceeded with installing it and my phone is messed up. Home Application does not work, forrce closes non-stop.
    I live in Namibia, Africa. Phone bought and unlocked from USA.

  • c0z

    We posted the confirmation, also.

  • Namdroid


    I did a factory reset, rebooted and Wala, sweet tasting donut served. Not sure why the initial system failure, but my theory is that I was using Open Home as my home application and perhaps that was not fully compatible with donut yet. All seems well now and I've had one force close in about 4 hours. Thats an improvement over the previous version where it force closed almost everytime I exited from an application.

  • Mary

    Got 1.6 last night. I got the notice when I was out and phone was low on battery so I delayed it. Came back about an hour later and asked again. Upgrade went smoothly. I will be playing with it today. But the market interface looks much better and the camera has been upgraded.

  • dmensch

    My son got Cupcake several days before me, but I appear to be one of the Select who got Donut on day 1 🙂
    I'm consistently getting Force Closes due to on Camera/Camcorder and Music.
    Same for 3rd party apps Useful Switchers and Toggle Settings.
    Everything else seems fine.

    Any other fresh Donutters having similar issues?

  • I got the update…. the only problem I had (which was really bad) was ahome was continually force closing. I tried everything to get to another screen….. finally I opened the keyboard and hit the search button and typed in settings (it let me do that without a force close), then I went to applications and deleted ahome. Kinda sucked, but sometimes when in a trap, you have to cut off the foot to save the body….. Everything else seems ok so far……

  • At this time I am felling that i cant wait for the update i dont like my mytouch rooted i love all the cool features i get and diff widgtes and apps etc. but i also love for my mytouch to work properly and be responsive …. “DOUGHNUT” can’t wait