Motorola (Tao) Sholes in the Wild [UPDATED]

sholes_tao_006New images have emerged showing the Motorola Tao (Sholes) running around somewhere in Georgia.  The pictures don’t do the handset justice as most of them are focused on the screen’s images and not the phone.  We can tell from the pictures that it has Android 1.6 (or higher) by the Market screen grab.  The phone looks like it will come with a 1390 mAh battery.  Other than this the only thing we can add is that this looks like a sexy, shiny handset definitely worthy running Android!

Source: HowardForums via PhoneArena

The newest shot of the handset comes courtesy of BoyGeniusReport

Where’s the Sholes name?  PhoneArena claims a source indicates the phone will drop the codename in favor of ‘Tao’ once it hits the streets.

  • tarusdg

    this is the phone that should have come to t-mobile!!!! i hope they get some sort of variant with a huge screen. We always get the cheaper-end smartphones. Cliq compared to Tao = fail for Cliq. Just an opinion

    • Cromag_rickmanus

      T-Mobile's been getting all the Android phones! Great for you guys, but those of us on other carriers need some android lovin too 😉
      That being said, I'm thinking that if this phone does well, it'll be showing up on more carriers, or at least subtle variations of it. Finally this Verizon subscriber will get some Android action, I've been waiting quite a while!

  • Portmanteaufu

    Here's an article whose three (count 'em, three!) unnamed sources claim that the Tao will be announced in the next week:

    Dubious but exciting!

  • BackInAction

    Check out this post….

    It says Sholes with ship 12/1 with Android 2.0!!!!

  • Yeah too bad this is on VZN. I like the specs of this phone for sure, but am I the only person who thinks that this phone looks ugly?

    I hope when I see it in person it wins me over. Not that I am going to buy one and switch to a CDMA network or anything, but I still want the sales to do well.

  • “Super slim and thin” is the general description, though another commenter suggests that the Tao is also just under 4.5-inches in length, which makes for a long device and a long display. It’ll run Android OS 2.0 “Eclair” and runs “lightning fast”. That’s all good news (battery aside), so consider our appetites suitably whetted.