First Look at NFL Mobile Live for HTC Hero

nfl-logoWanna see what you prospective HTC Hero owners have to look forward to?  I’ve been using the phone for the better part of a week now and have  found the NFL Mobile App to be a lot more involved and feature-rich than I expected.  It has mass appeal -  From casual football fans down to the fantasy fanatic.  Enjoy a ten-minute look!

  • BackInAction

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I've wanted to know how this app looked. Last night I stopped by a Sprint store. One of the employees had a Hero to play with, but I didn't get a chance to check out this app.

    FWIW, I'm told every store should have at least one employee using the phone now. They go on sale to the public 11-Oct. So, stop by a store (corporate store only???) and check one out in person.

  • Eric


  • Wow! I am surprised at the quality of this app! The NFL app that Sprint forced upon my HTC Touch WinMo phone was horrible and nothing more than bloatware. I used it one time and then never again.

    This app looks great and sets a high standard for carrier-added content. Sprint obviously put some time and effort into this.

  • Alex

    I wish we would have that on t-mobile

    • Chad

      T-Mobile sucks and doesn't offer anything cool like this to its customers! The G1 came out under T-Mobile and T-Mobile did a nice job keeping the G1 from achieving its full potential as a phone. I wish the G1 would have come out under Sprint then this app could be on there.

  • Glide

    As for checking out the Hero in at your local store, this was experience:

    For ordering, you can only get onto a "hotlist" for now. Oct. 11 is when the Hero will be officially launched. But, listen to this. The Sprint employee I was working with gave me an actual live Sprint HTC Hero to play with in the store. The other employee came around the corner and immediately took the phone away from us (it was actually her phone) and said that Sprint would not allow anyone to see or even hold the Hero until the official launch date. She would not answer any of my questions such as the firmware version, how video playback was, etc. Very strange. All she said was that it is an absolutely amazing phone and that she expects it to be in very high demand when people start catching on to it, and that she was not allowed to give out any details of any kind until Oct. 11.