Geeks’Phone Gets Overhaul, Full Hardware Details

geeks_phone_1_r2GeeksPhone, or as we refer to them, “the little start-up that could,” has retooled their Android handset and announced the official hardware specifications of the “ONE.” What was once considered “just another Android wanna-be” has evolved into a device worthy of our full attention.

The distribution deals are expected to close within the next few weeks and GeeksPhone guarantees the phone with be available in Western Europe by the end of the year. According to our source at the company, the handset will be available “unlocked” through various distributors, or subsidized through MVNOs.  The price has been estimated at around 260€ ($375.00 USD), although that is completely subject to change.

Among the changes to the ONE are:

  • High-end glossy finish
  • Implementation of QWERTY sliding keyboard
  • Intel/Marvel PXA pulled in favor of Qualcomm chip
  • 3G Download and Upload speeds are now HSDPA at  7.2 MB and HSUPA 5.7 MB  (Originally 3MB & 320KB)
  • Improved screen resolution (becomes WQVGA)
  • Accelerometer
  • Audio 3.5mm minijack
  • DVB-T tuner removed due to current Android energy management policies

Here are the full hardware specs courtesy of a press release passed our way.

  • Form factor: Full screen candy-bar with flat sliding keyboard
  • OS: Android OS with custom UI
  • Platform: Qualcomm 7×25 Baseband
  • Processor: 528 MHz ARM11 (ARM1136EJ-S) Jazelleâ„¢ series
  • Chipset: Qualcomm MSM7225
  • DSP/RIL: Qualcomm radioOne QDSP5000
  • RAM: 256Mb mDDR
  • ROM: 256Mb NAND
  • Radio: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 & HSPA 2100 (7.2mbps/5.7mbps)
  • Antenna: Ethertronics Hi-Gain active omni antenna (GSM/WiFi/GPS/BT)
  • Display: 3.2” WQVGA Fujitsu MVA hybrid-resistive touchscreen
  • Keyboard: Virtual and 40-key physical QWERTY slider (d-pad and fn keys)
  • Camera (main): 3.1 megapixel HD camera with AutoFocus
  • Camera (front): 0.3 megapixel fixed-focus camera
  • WiFi: Marvell 802.11 b/g
  • GPS: SirfStar3 with DGPS (WAAS/EGNOS)
  • A-GPS: Ephemeris QuickFixâ„¢ with database auto-update (fetnet server)
  • Bluetooth: long range BT 2.1 compliant
  • USB: MicroUSB Client (U-Disk system with SD Reader and USB-modem)
  • Accelerometer (3-axis)
  • Storage: up to 32GB via MicroSD (SDHC & SDIO standards)
  • F-Keys: Call (green), Hang (Red), Multifunction (White), Camera, Volume slider (with mute lock), Power & 3 virtual keys (Menu/Home/Back)
  • Audio Subsystem: Wolfson DAC/CODEC (ALSA)
  • Speakers: 2×1 watt RMS wide-range speakers
  • Microphone: high-end dynamic microphone with digital noise suppression
  • Headset jack: 3.5mm Headset/Handsfree minijack
  • Battery: 1110 mAh 3.7V Li-Po
  • Size/Weight: 110 x 55 x 14 mm / 123g
  • Others: Includes a retractile stylus; Biodegradable plastic housing.
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  • "Biodegradable plastic housing." is a nice bonus but you got me convince at "Geeks’Phone" 😉
    Q4 2009 is going to be very exiting for Android!

  • "Biodegradable plastic housing." is a nice bonus but you got me at "Geeks’Phone" 😉
    Q4 2009 is going to be very exiting for Android!

  • TareX

    WOW…. that actually looks like something I could buy (they added a keyboard with a d-pad!) wow… BUT… the screen resolution is still a major turn off. It's neither HVGA or WVGA…. how could they call it "Geek's phone" is most apps won't run properly on it.

    Seriously if this had a WVGA I would have sent my preorder money already.

    • Dianne

      If they are using Android 1.6 or later, most apps will run fine on it. (WQVGA actually gives them more space than the traditional HVGA display, just lower density.)

  • TareX

    oh wait… just noticed the processor. PASS.

  • webreaper

    It has a stylus. FAIL.

  • Miguel

    I can’t see how the phone is worth that amount given the features. Why would anyone pick this phone over, let’s say, the G1, which is over a year old already? They both have similar specs, except the G1 has a better screen. The glossy finish is nice, but will not be noticeable by most since most people would put a case on such an expensive investment. It does have 2 speakers over the G1’s single speaker, but we don’t know what the sound quality is yet.

    The processor and camera are the same as the G1. They didn’t even include a flash, or a front facing camera, to at least set it apart from the G1.

    Meh.. I can’t see many in the U.S. being interested unless someone loses their G1/myTouch3G an needs to replace it, or wants Android on AT&T. Other than that, looks like a dud.

    Looks like the Motorola Tao/Droid is the real Geek’s phone.

  • David

    So…it's a G1 with a little more RAM and a camera on the front? Why is it that, even after a year of release, no one has introduced a phone that's actually a valid upgrade to the G1?

  • Bill

    What exactly is geeky about this? Being geeky means that you pump up the processor to the fastest one possible, and stick an insane amount of RAM in it. Like all of the previous posters, why is this more geeky than the existing phones on the market? A geek piece of hardware should blow the pants off of any other piece of hardware in its market.

    That said, I do like it being unlocked and having the audio jack.

  • Marcelo L

    The processor is different than the original marketing brochure ( 528 Mhz ARM 11 versus 624Mhz ).
    Personally, they just need to come out with it. Having TMo AWS 3G support would definitely burn into any G1/MT3G market, plus it just looks nicer than either of those.

    I wish'm luck, we can use all the diversity in the Android market we can get !

  • + Likes: ARM Jazelle processor (processor of really becoming a Geeks'Phone if not Nerds'Phone), physical keyboard, two cameras, headset jack, biodegradable plastic housing 🙂
    – Dislikes – WQVGA (~400*320 is still low but maybe OK for some geeks), lack of compass