September 22, 2014

Me, Myself, and Android

android_timeThis past week I submitted an article on the highs and lows of traveling with Android so from a suggestion for the AndroidGuys editor-in-chief, we have decided to make this a regular editorial.  So why write a column that sounds so obvious for a mobile operating system?  Because we can all  name phones with “other” OSes that are not mobile friendly and I want to help Android users get the most out of their beloved G1′s, myTouch 3G’s, Hero’s, CLIQ’s, and the myriad of phones that will soon bear Android.

Just to let you know, I am obsessed by mobile computing specifically mobile web, e-mail, and social networking.  And with my two Android phones and three netbooks, I believe I have a device for all occasions.  I would like to offer suggestions on applications that will make you more productive and in turn I ask you to do the same.

This will also be a primer for championing Android in the enterprise.  Coming from a BlackBerry background, I can understand why Android is perceived as a consumer platform and not yet ready for mission critical communication.  And with this forum, I would like to champion Android for people on the go.

Strap in as we travel the country together in what will be known as Road Warrior Robots!

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