App Review: Gigbox


“We’re Gonna Rock and Roll all Night”

As an entry into the Android Developers Contest 2 (ADC2), Gigbox is a dream come true for any avid concert lover. The application is built by the Gigbox Team and operates as sturdy as anything I have seen on Android. It offers a wide array of functionality such as:

  1. Concert searches by location, artist, or venue
  2. Up to date and accurate information built on the API
  3. Finds even the most obscure venues
  4. The ability to bookmark favorite artists and venues for quicker access to the data that matters most to you
  5. Additional information related to shows, such as other featured artists for the event and artist bios that you can read through
  6. Option to tag current and future concerts that you would like to attend
  7. A “concert agenda” that chronologically shows all concerts you have tagged as “wanting to attend”
  8. Real time chat and comment posting for concerts that are taking place
  9. Take pictures of your favorite bands as they play. Find and share them online at
  10. Rate a show in real-time (thumbs up or thumbs down)
  11. Quick and accurate data retrieval
  12. Basic but effective controls that give the app an overall ease of use

Check out the video review for a full exposition of the features and see for yourself how awesome Gigbox really is!

Part 2

Download Gigbox today from the market.  Be sure to rate and leave comments for the development team.  Enjoy!

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  1. anonymous
    October 02, 22:43 Reply

    I got this app in the competition. It just kept force closing. I couldn't even perform a search.

  2. Klaser
    October 02, 23:13 Reply

    The crash has been fixed in the market version.

  3. @visionmix
    October 03, 09:56 Reply

    I think it is totally awesome, I haven't seen one force close yet.

  4. spawn
    October 08, 13:55 Reply

    i can't connect to and i insert the correct username and password. what should i do?

  5. Mailboxes For Sale
    February 28, 20:28 Reply

    A lot of best features on gigbox,so we'll enjoy it with all the benefits it's providing.Thanks.

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