December 26, 2014

Hey G1ers...Don't Wait - Grab Donut For Yourself!

green_donutFor those of you out there waiting on Android 1.6 (Donut) to arrive on your G1’s, we have but one word for you… STOP.  Forget waiting on the man, take that pastry for yourself!  A direct link to the updated release has been sent our way.

Here’s the tricky part.  We’re hearing it does not play nice with myTouch 3G‘s but works great for G1 owners.  Proceed with caution!

Here’s the obligatory disclaimer:

This is not supported  or endorsed by AndroidGuys, Google, T-Mobile, or any other parties.  Doing this always runs the risk of turning your phone into a brick.  Be very careful and back up your files.  With that out of the way, here are the instructions to flash Donut to your G1.

  • Download the file from this URL
  • Rename the file so that it becomes “” without those silly parenthesis
  • Load the file on your SD card’s main directory
  • Turn off the phone, reboot it holding the HOME button
  • When you see the triangle, hit ALT+L, then ALT+S
  • Press HOME and BACK when it prompts you
  • After it installs the radio, it might reboot a time or two

According to our tipster Andrew, this time it “does a lot more file deleting and copying, and pops up a screen after your update that give you the option to press back and home to reboot instead of automatically rebooting for you.”

Anybody already given this a try?  Share your experience with the class.  Leave a comment below.  Oh, and if our instructions need to be tweaked a little bit to sound more clear, by all means let us know.

Image Source: Flickr

  • Rango

    Got the update over the air this morning, so far I like the search and the switching from portrait to landscape is great but I cannot find the battery usage screen? Anyone else found this screen yet?

    • Macknogia

      Press MENU–> SETTINGS–> ABOUT PHONE—>BATTERY USE. u r there now

    • Macknogia

      btw how Speech Synthesis work & Voice Dial?

  • Xskull8er

    Tried to update from "The Man" to my MyTouch but after 2 hrs gave up, kept showing 'downloading' 20 MB file.The activity indicator did not show any data coming in down stream to the phone. Most likely due to a fore mentioned problems with MyTouch and Donut, T-Mobile has blocked the update. If "The Man" has shut it down it obviously wouldn't be a good idea to circumvent the provider just to se how bad the update will dork up my (your) MyTouch. Will wait until the wrinkles get ironed out. How un-Redmond! Their standard is keep putting it out non-stop because 50,000 complainers are just splitting hairs. Thanks AndroidGuys and T-Mobile for not using us as product testers.

  • ic3man5

    sapphire (mt3g) instructions:
    1.) Download from internet
    2.) rename to and move to root directory on sdcard
    3.) boot phone holding home+power button
    4.) once picture is up, push home+power button again to bring up menu
    5.) flash your device
    6.) reboot
    7.) enjoy android 1.6 build DRC92 (I originally had 1.5 COC10)

  • dannielle

    I have been trying and trying to get the update 1.6. I have attempted to downgrade and then upgrade. Just plain upgrade. I have the 1.5 build# crc37. If anyone can help. thx

  • anon

    T-Mobile pushed Donut to my MT3G this morning and I accepted the update. It took quite a while to finish doing its thing, but so far, so good. Tried the new camera and was able to toggle its mode from still to movie and back.. slick. They also relocated the shutter button to the screen's lower right which is a little easier to thumb. The new battery usage screen is also cool.. dang display is sapping.. my.. power.. (gasp).

  • mick

    is this only for root?

  • tomahawk

    Just tried on my UK G1. Opens the file but fails on the verify.

    • @roky94

      Same here, too. Let's hope they gonna release the update in October.

  • Deiterdigetata

    I did upgrade my g1 with this link and it worked , but hours after that . . my g mail don't work it get stoked on sync and don go further , i have issues with text to speech also, even after downloading SpeechSynthesis Data Installer , does anybody have the same issues with g1 after updating to donut from link provided on this post ?

    Anybody can tell me where to get help to fix this ?

  • yessssssss

    ive downgraded my fone from latest cupcake build to rc7 (using cyanogenmod wiki)then upgraded to 1.5 crb17 (cant remember were from)then to crb43 then my g1 updated to donut its self, im from the uk bout g1 from cash converters so pretty sure is from uk bt now i have the US operating system lol seems to work fine

  • Shane Anthony

    every time i try to update to 1.6 i get this error…

    –install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    verifying update package…
    installing update…
    E:Error in applypatch
    (Status 256)
    E:Failure at line 276:
    run_program PACKAGE :applypatch –
    c /system/lib/; 4850b3b96e59fca563d69a06c73154012f3dd53e 09aefe2e9d4d88899a850c4425cac251e653e1c0
    Installation aborted.

  • Rogers Daddy

    OK I JUST TRIED THIS ON A ROGERS BRANDED DREAM. Guess what?… It didnt work. WTF is up with Rogers??? They have signaturered their updates with their own crap. When you call them, they have no idea about what Android is or when an ota update will happen. Rogers sucks balls!

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    that's cool to see the donut out! good post

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  • Mrguy1013

    Dead link! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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