10 Things I Love About You (and Why)

thank_you_heartMy G1 can do a lot of cool stuff, but that certainly doesn’t mean I use it all.  Here is a list of the apps I tend to use on a near-daily basis and why.

In no particular order:

  • Email (Google) -   Surprise, surprise… I use this to do email type stuff.
  • Browser (Google) -    Really… need I explain.
  • Talk (Google) -   My wife and I use this as our messaging tool.  Quick, simple, logged.  Good stuff
  • Facebook (Facebook) -   Have to stay connected man.  Goes a long way towards satisfying the voyeur in me.
  • Maps (Google) -   I use maps to find out where stuff is, look up contact information for businesses, keep up with my wife via Latitude, and all kinds of other misc. stuff.  Talk about versatile.  I don’t use Yellow Pages or anything like that because Maps does so well on its own.
  • Quick Calendar(Jim Blackler) -   I primarily use this for the Notification Bar benefits.  I just like to see what’s coming up on the calendar without opening it.
  • Solitaire (Ken Magic) -   I play this all the time while I’m waiting.  I LOVE FREECELL
  • Twidroid (Zimmermann & Marban) -   Yet another Notification Bar app.  I’m not much of a tweeter, but I do like to see what the folks I’m following are saying without  having to open an app or run a widget.
  • WeatherBug (WeatherBug) -   I mainly use WeatherBug in the Notification Bar as well.  When I need more detail or the forecast, I’ll open it up.
  • Calculator (Google) -   Surprisingly, I use this to calculate stuff.  Building supplies, money stuff, layout stuff when I’m programming, etc…

As you can see… I’m a pretty simple guy.  I don’t expect my phone to teleport me to far and distant galaxies, but I do like to use it to make the everyday tasks a little bit easier and less invasive.

I noticed as I was making this list that a lot of my favorite things are things that tend to show up in the Notification Bar.  I also found that I don’t really like to run many widgets.  After thinking about it for a split second, I think I know why that is.  Tune it later to find out why! :-)

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  1. schwiz
    October 03, 13:15 Reply

    I perfer handycalc and steel compared to the respective counterparts you listed.

  2. Todd A
    October 03, 16:36 Reply

    Klaxon for me, every morning I go into the office !

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