Around the Androidosphere

androidosphereThe team here at AndroidGuys does everything they can to stay on top of the most relevant news and rumors.  As hard as we all try, sometimes things simply slip through the cracks.  Going forward, these ‘cutting room’ items will be compiled in a meta-article called “Around the Androidosphere” and delivered as needed.

Here are a few things that happened recently that are definitely worth checking out.

  • AdMob’s Mobile Metrics Report shows “solid growth” in Android usage this year. iPhone is up, too, of course, and just about everybody else is down.
  • Lifehacker suggests some ways to improve Android. Some good ideas in the comments, too.
  • The Next Web is confused about Android, and thinks you will be, too. Advertising Age, on the other hand, sees the The Next Web’s bugs as features.
  • Sling is looking to hire a UI designer with Android experience. I suppose that means an app is on the way, but I also suppose that means it could be a long way off.
  • The Missing Sync, which helps sync basically everything on your handset with your desktop or laptop, is scheduled to hit Android in October.
  • The Wall Street Journal reviewed the Hero. SPOILER: “Overall, I found the HTC Hero to be the best Android phone I’ve tested, and a worthy competitor to the iPhone, the BlackBerry and the Pre.”
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