LG Shows Off GW620 – Plenty of Pictures and Video to Go ‘Round

lg_gw620_008We’re finally learning a little bit more in terms of what LG is doing with Android.  The fellas at Le Journal du Geek (translated) were in attendance at a show where LG was showing off the GW620 handset.  Thankfully for us, they were able to film a few minutes with the phone.

Physically, the phone resembles your typical slide QWERTY (in this case AZERTY) handset.  The 5 row keyboard is said to be very easy to use, however the resistive touch screen might turn a few buyers away. Bye bye multi-touch!

The user interface gets a bit of a makeover, but it’s nowhere near what’s been done with MOTOBLUR or HTC Sense.  LG  has done away with the 3 frame sliding window in favor of a cube-like approach.  Similar, but just enough difference help it stand out from the stock Android UI.

The brushed aluminum phone looks to be slightly less bulky than the  G1, but the 5MP camera with LED flash and 3.5mm headphone jack help ensure you’ll never confuse the two.

Here’s another video courtesy of CNET France.

And if video isn’t your thing, here’s a slew (20) of pictures showing the GW620 showing the handset from every angle imaginable.

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