G1 Battery Gives Android Blogger Warm and Not so Fuzzy Feeling

g1_battery_005Ask around and you’ll likely find a fellow G1 user who can say that their handset gets unreasonably warm at times.  Whether plugged in or not, the back side of the phone has been known to heat up quite a bit. 

A fellow Android blogger from AndroidWorld.nl sent us an email this morning about one of their writers who had a battery heat up to the point of melting the cover.

One of my bloggers experienced exactly the same with his G1, no explosion, but the back cover melted because of the (battery) heat. Still awaiting the answer from T-mobile…After a normal phonecall, so no cables connected.

Apparently, the phone still works and they’re waiting to hear back from T-Mobile. You’ll notice in the pictures that the case is not melted directly over the battery but closer to the SIM card. This is the spot where many of us have experienced the warm and not so fuzzy feeling.

Anyone else out there have a phone heat up to the point it literally melts your case?

  • what do you expect with such a hot phone?

  • c0z

    My first G1 had an app installed on it that was close to doing this. I won't go into details about it publicly, but it definitely made me pay more attention to the resources and battery life each app used from that point on.

  • George

    no, it has not

  • Porch2

    After leaving my G1 in the hot sun by mistake, the battery swelled over a period of a few weeks. I did not burst out of it's case, but it did get very hot when charging and did not hold a charge well. T-Mobile replaced it without questions.

  • Justa Notherguy

    How about affording us some due diligence, before posting this kind of stuff? Like, say, asking the guy if (1) he was using some funky, custom ROM and (2) which apps were installed/running? Plus, you could have asked how long he'd had – or noticed – the heat problem, prior to this hardware failure. Sounds like helpful info, no?

    I've held a couple dozen G1s and none of them felt even remotely warm enough to notice, much less warm enough to be worth mentioning or worrying about. Right now, mine is sitting here idle on the sofa and the back cover is at room temp despite TaskKiller showing 8 or 9 apps active. And that's been my experience since day one.

    So, unless you have a greatly different experience (I mean personally, not, 'Well, I read a blog post about some guy's GF's roommate…'), it seems logical to assume that this phone was somehow 'different'…either hardware- or software-wise. And, given something like an anomalous event, it would seem that more in-depth reportage is required.

  • Rob

    What he said.

  • Milind Rao

    I bought 4 G1s. Two for my wife and I and two for my friends. Two at a time over a period of 6 months. All the phones get hot while charging. Pretty hot. But none of them have come close to melting like this one.

    I’m surprised that Justa hasn’t found any G1s to be “remotely warm”. Every one I know who owns a G1 has found that it gets very hot at the bottom while charging. The original ROM and others (JF, Cyananogen).

  • Zack

    I think a lot of high processor smart phones could potentially have this problem.


  • David

    The only time I've noticed this is when listening to music. Either through Pandora or the music application.

  • apk

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