Hey Best Buy Reward Zone Members! Get Your HTC Hero on Friday

hero_best_buy_rewardThose of you interested in picking up an HTC Hero from Best Buy might want to clear your schedule for Friday morning.  Rather than waiting until this Sunday morning (11th) to get your phone, whip out your Rewards Zone membership card and grab one on your way to work! This way, you can show it off to your co-workers and get them whipped into a jealous rage.

We were hearing from a few of you that this was rumored so we asked our twitter followers for some clarification.  Thanks you guys we were able to get to the bottom of it. Various sources are telling us that their local store expects to have a handful ready to go on Friday for Rewards Zone members.

Also called BB. Guy said all pre-orders are guaranteed. BB in Chicago only getting 11 Heros-only 9 are avail to RZ peeps on 10/9 – Kyle Pozan (twitter)

Just confirmed it on the phone with Best Buy. RZ members get the HERO on the 9th! Booya! – Big King (twitter)

Confirmed at local Best Buy. Reward Zone members pick up ur #Sprint #Hero on Friday. – Jeremiah Bostick (twitter)

The only thing we don’t know definitively is whether or not you need to have the flier on your person when you walk in the door.  Our best guess is that it’s not required and that Best Buy reps should have plenty on hand that morning.

There are now two incentives to buying your Hero from Best Buy.

  1. Early access – who needs to be bothered with those loooooong 48 hours?
  2. Rebates – who wants to worry about mailing in rebates?  Best Buy knocks the price down for you up front!

Grab an HTC Hero for $179.99 with a 2-year contract starting this weekend!

  • I walked into my local Best Buy and talked to one of the mobile sales people. He logged into his employee account and read the Sprint Hero Reward Zone early access info to me. He did say that an email was sent out to RZ members. I never received one and asked if I needed that email to pick up my Hero on Friday. Best Buy guy said no, "just bring in your Reward Zone card."

  • i never got that email either… but… what's the price w/o 2 year contract?

  • Feech

    This story is suspect. I have called 5 BB's and spoken to the customer service at RZ and have yet to confirm this through any of those sources. It would make the most sense if Sprint premier customer were given first crack like with the Pre, but who are BB RZ members to Sprint?

  • Feech

    Oh, and I spoke to 2 Telesales Reps who both say it will not be available thru that channel until the 11th.

  • Dmax

    I actually saw the inter office memo that outlined the early sale. It said anyone with a rewoardzone and a registered email could get it early. I didnt get the email yet either….wonder if it went out yet

  • MickeyMcE

    I went to Best Buy today and asked the rep about Reward Zone members getting the HERO on 10-9-09 and he looked it up and said yes you should receive an email. I said that I have not recieved an email yet and asked if I had to have the email copy. He said no so I reserved mine and he said see you Friday!! SO we will see what happens.

  • sam

    my best buy had no idea,. what i was talking about. also didnt know about the Pre sale of the HERO..


    i told him i got one last week…..


  • Rob

    After seeing this post I called the Best Buy Mobile where I pre-ordered my hero here in NYC and they had no idea about it. So I called the national number and was told that the word was getting out to the stores, but yes, you could pick it up on Friday. I then called the BB Mobile in NY back and they actually thanked me for bringing it to their attention.

    So the point of this boring ass post is this: YES, this story is true. if you are a rewards zone member just go in on Friday. You don't even need your RZ card. They can pull your account up on the computer.

  • Matt

    I just called my local best buy as well and they told me i could get it friday

  • Cris

    Is the reward zone card a credit card can i sign up for membership a day before and still have access to buy it on friday.

  • Todd

    I am a loyal Sprint Store customer for 11 years will be going to Best Buy on Friday at 9:00 am to pick this up because of the Early release and the instant rebate. What a foolish decision on Sprints part not to let their own stores do this deal. For this much conveince I will walk into the Big Blue Box. Sprint finaly has a great PDA/Phone that is coveted in the market.
    Sprint should have offered this to their premier members on the same terms i would have gladly went to their store and bought from them.