First Round of ADC 2 Draws to a Close Ahead of Expectations

android_developers_blogThe Android Developers Blog is reporting that due to an overwhelming response to round one of the Android Developers Challenge 2, they are ending it effective today.  The news comes earlier than Google predicted it would as they figured it would take at least two weeks to get everything they needed.

The response to round one of the Android Developer Challenge 2 has been phenomenal! We originally expected that it would take two weeks to get all the necessary data to complete scoring. Over the last 10 days, more than 26,000 Android users reviewed and submitted our target of over 100 scores per application. With this enthusiastic support of the Android community, we are closing the first round of ADC 2 judging today. – Eric Chu

If you have the app installed on your phone, you will see a notification that the first round is now complete.  Don’t get rid of that app just yet though, round two won’t be far behind and Google will need your help again!

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  1. BKdroid
    October 06, 18:33 Reply

    could also have something to do with 1.6 breaking a majority of the apps…..

  2. roy
    October 06, 18:55 Reply


    I feel kind of used though. I mean, if Google would have asked 5 bucks for every person entering the contest I would have had to sift through tons of sudoku games and other crap… Second round should be better!

  3. bbq
    October 07, 06:58 Reply

    @BKdroid – 1.6 didn't break the majority of apps. The only issue I heard of was a fix for an issue in 1.5 where you could instantiate abstract classes. If you were instantiating abstract classes then your app would break in 1.6. However, if you are dumb enough to try instantiating an abstract class you deserve to fail in the ADC.

  4. Yul
    October 07, 04:22 Reply

    Yes, not most of apps were broken but only few. I can state that because I've rated about 100 apps twice – once on 1.5 then on 1.6 (probably judjing app bug) (few apps even 3 times!!!).

    roy – google asked for 25$ not 5$ – you have to have a dev account to post to market.

  5. Angry
    October 07, 15:35 Reply

    My app broke as a result of an Android API throwing a proactive IllegalStateException in 1.6. While I wont argue against this being a good heads-up for those porting to 1.6, it renders the core of my 1.5 app a paperweight. Furthermore, because my app can run for extended periods of heavy use (this is well tested for 1.5, and not the junk that was the bulk of the competitors) without running into problems that 1.6 is trying to guard against, the midstream switch to 1.6 completely squashes my shot at ADC2, and more importantly tosses aside 2+ months of my free time.

    From the stats my app collects, I am able to see that ~30% of the contest graders were running 1.6 over the period of the contest…. So I can probably assume that 30% of my end grade was lost :(

  6. Satish
    October 08, 17:45 Reply

    No there was no fee to enter into the contest. My app is there in the contest and I did not pay a buck. But you need to pay $25 if you are want a developer account to post on to the market.

  7. jose
    October 10, 11:56 Reply

    My top 3

    I loved too Head to Head Racer game and Eclosion for the demonstration of how is excellent.

    My favorite is the online multiplayer android and browser based bomberman like game World of Bombs ( Even if there was few people connected during ADC2 round 1, and some app crashes, even if it is not present for round 2, I think it has the potential after some bug fixes and improvements to become a must to have on android platform.

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