Leaked Document Tips HTC Desire and Motorola Sholes (Tao) Arriving Before Black Friday

verizon_handset_lineup_end_2009It didn’t take long to figure out what handset it was that Google CEO Eric Schmidt was holding earlier today.  An internal Verizon document making its way into the hands of Gizmodo tells us that it’s almost certainly the HTC Desire.  Based on the picture from earlier today, it appears to be nearly identical to HTC’s Hero and Tattoo. 

Two Android phones are mentioned in the document alongside 10 other handsets, all due out by the end of the year.  The other phone listed on the sheet? It’s the not-so-secret Motorola Sholes/Tao/Droid.  We know the announcement is coming any day now so just sit tight and be patient, alright?  That’s easier said than done for a lot of you guys.

So which of you guys and gals plan on picking one of these phones up for yourself?

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  1. Todd A
    October 07, 01:00 Reply

    Verizon and Sholes will be welcome improvements to my Android setup. (But I'm keeping the G1 for the same reason I should have kept my Apple //e !)

  2. wmons
    October 07, 03:28 Reply

    Depending on how much of its adroid functions are kept, I am almost certainly getting one.

  3. kbob
    October 07, 03:41 Reply

    Probability 90% I will get one shortly after I've touched and played with them both. I've been hanging on to my RAZR for over three years waiting for Verizon to get its Android on.

  4. Integgroll
    October 07, 13:46 Reply

    There is zero chance I won't jump on the STD, although I am rather partial to the name Sholes, which this document pretty much kills any chance of that name. Looks like I am breaking out the decals.

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