Schmidt and McAdam Tease Us With New Android Phones in the Wild

two_verizon_android_devicesWe still have to wait a few weeks for the announcements to come from Verizon, but that’s not stopping CEO Lowell McAdam from parading around with the Motorola Sholes.  See that picture?  The nerve of that guy to tease us – what with his non-blurry “in the wild” shot.  The full image comes attached to the official press release from today’s earlier joint announcement.

So now the million dollar question becomes “What’s Eric holding?”  It’s obviously an HTC handset, but the form factor is different form anything we’ve seen so far.  Are we looking at an HTC Pure, Predator, Desire or Passion?  What if he’s holding a Dragon?  Then again, it could just be a Hero too…

Share your opinion of today’s news and give us your thoughts on the two phones.

  • J.Nguyen

    of course they would be playing with androids there. oh the nerve! lol.

  • Looks to me like the HTC Snap/Click

    • aaaa

      Looks like the the click to me to

  • diogo

    Verizon’s HTC Hero

  • Dave

    The unknown device in picture looks like planned HTC HERO for Verizon

  • Connor

    HTC tattoo