EezeeRator Allows For In-Flight Airline Reviews

eezeerator_airportDoes your job necessitate that you spend a lot of time traveling and hanging out at airports?  Maybe you’re one of those people with a jet-setter lifestyle.  Whatever the case is, you probably have experiences that you end up sharing with friends, family, and fellow travelers.  A new app for Android called EezeeRator helps you do that and more.

The free travel companion allows for passengers to post airline reviews while in flight, pending a WiFi connection is available.  Other features included in EeZeeRator are searching flight reviews, twitter integration, find other passengers, and purchasing carbon offsets.

The next time your flight attendant gives you the cold shoulder when you ask for an extra bag of pretzels, whip out your phone and tell everyone!  In all seriousness, these are the types of applications that will show which companies are taking care of their customers and which are hiding behind slick advertising.

Scan the barcode below to be taken directly to the app in the Android Market!

  • Hi, New version online that enables users to post NOW Reviews on your travel, onboard a flight, at the airport or during a stay in hotel. Using the built in GPS, the scope will also identify instantly where you are staying or boarding to remind you to post reviews, photos or comments.____Welcome to the world of NOW Reviews.

  • Michael Manis-NY

    I fly often and look foward to being able to pass on positive and negetive experiences I have. Michael Manis-NY

  • Michael Manis- NY

    I think this is a great idea. I will be happy to report on the great, and not so great experiences I have while flying. This is a great service. Michael Manis-Jericho NY