Closer Look at T-Mobile Pulse Interface “Canvas”

tmo_pulse_screen_02We’ve compiled a couple of photos and videos to show what the user interface looks like on the T-Mobile Pulse (Huawei U8220).  You’ll see that it’s not quite the cosmetic overhaul that Sense or BLUR gives phones, but it’s a nice change to the stock Android feel.  We’re digging the shiny, polished look to the phone and the UI.  Looks like we’re not the only fans of the up-down scrolling. 

Video 1 Source: Charbax

Video 2 Source: Reignzone This is a port of Canvas to a myTouch 3G.

The Pulse is available for T-Mobile UK customers today.

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  1. chuksy
    October 08, 14:38 Reply

    Who says this phone is on pay as u go.Thats not true.The T-mobile website has it on contract. Its a shame,i did plan to grab it on PAYG.

  2. SliestDragon
    October 08, 15:40 Reply

    I love the keyboard. It reminds me of touchpal, only it looks like it works. ;)

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