Free Motorola CLIQ? Yes, Please!

win_cliqI just want to share this quick tip with you guys and gals. I was checking my T-Mobile account and noticed that there’s a sweepstakes that is going on to instantly win a brand-shiny new CLIQ. All you need to do is to register at this link and keep your fingers crossed. The phone sure looks sweet, so hurry up while there’s still time! (signing for annoying offers is entirely optional)

  • Hey, if someone really wins it – will you buy me a beer? 'Cause I had no such luck

  • PeeDubb

    You're entered for a chance to win the big trip and will receive all the news on the Motorola CLIQ.


  • CBowley

    Post here is anyone wins. I lost with 3 diff emails. I think its a ploy to get people to sign up 4 newsletter. But goodluck to anyone who tries.

    • Well – just don't select that naughty checkbox 🙂

  • Name

    is that a referral link?

  • Eric H.

    That is indeed a referral link and I think that it is in horrible taste to post that without disclosing that it is a referral link. I do not think that there is anything wrong with posting the link as a referral however disguising your referral link as a regular link warrants an apology!

    • Eric – you should not worry too much. Technically – it's a referral link, practically – I used "will give you 5 more chances to win for the referral" when I used that link to register my 2nd email. So I didn't benefit in any way of anyone clicking this link in the past or in the future

  • mmmmmm 🙁

    Nothing this time. I did something similar a few years back when i was an AT&T customer. I actually won a phone then. Not this time 🙂

  • I'm working with T-Mobile on this sweepstakes — if you have any questions about it, I'd be happy to answer them.

    • Bren

      Hey I need help. I entered the sweepstakes back on September 29th….which I think was the first day of the sweepstakes. I got an Instant Winner notification saying that I won a free motorola cliq and that I would receive it at the address I provided within 6 to 8 weeks. I also got a confirmation e-mail from t-mobile (specifically [email protected]) stating the exact same information.

      I have yet to hear anything else back? Do I have to do anything else? I just want to make sure that I am actually going to be getting the phone soon.

    • James

      I got the same e-mail that Bren got about 3 weeks ago. . So is the promotion REAL? Is it really goin to ship to the addres provided??

    • James

      Shouldnt we get something like a TRACKING NUMBER or CONFIRMATION CODE ?? How are we suppose to know when is going to be arriving ??

  • Looks like they are giving away a total of 105 Motorola CLIQ instant win prizes.

    This is from the official contest rules:
    A. INSTANT WIN PRIZES (105): A T-Mobile Motorola Cliq cellular phone. The Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) of each T-Mobile Motorola Cliq cellular phone is Three Hundred Sixty-Two Dollars ($362.00 US). Service plan is not included. Prizes are awarded “as is” with no warranty or guarantee, either express or implied by Sponsor. Total ARV of all Instant Win Prizes is Thirty Eight Thousand Ten Dollars ($38,010.00 US). If any Instant Winner is at least 18 but still considered a minor in his/her jurisdiction of residence, Instant Win Prize will be awarded in the name of his/her parent or legal guardian who may be responsible for fulfilling all requirements imposed on Instant Winners set forth herein.