glazed_donut9:15 P.M. PST. I’m tracing familiar pattern on the smooth surface  of my beloved MyTouch. Time to switch on the silent mode and call it quits. But wait – there’s few notifications in the toolbar! Sliding it down and whoopee! My Donut was just delivered fresh from the oven!

The install process takes less than 5 minutes, not a glitch in sight. Screen goes black, I’m thinking (mistakenly) that phone is shut down, but no – it’s just asleep.

At first glance, everything looks the same, works the same but the firmware version reads 1.6 and familiar golden spinner is replaced by new industrial-looking gray icon.

Hello Donut! And you know what – it may as well be wishful thinking but it does feel snappier.

How did your Donut Experience go?

Any problems or errors to share with fellow readers?

Image source:  toddkloots

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  • I've been sporting stock donut on my G1 since the manual update was made available (see article "Hey G1ers…Don’t Wait – Grab Donut For Yourself!"). It is definitely more responsive. The little things make a difference – like faster auto switching between orientations, or how the software keyboard stays onscreen when it switches orientation. I even leave transitions on without feeling any lag! The toggle widget is super convenient (and now permanently occupies the top of my home screen) and the new camera software is much faster and simpler to use. A truly great update! I wholeheartedly recommend it.

  • iwebster

    I had a really odd and frankly experience. I saw the update, but I was driving my friend to the airport and didn’t want to deal with it just then, so selected Install Later. After the dropoff, I saw the reminder, and selected Install Now. It did the usual update, but I wasn’t paying full attention to it since I was still driving. When I turned back to it, I had 3 bands of color (red, blue, green) across my screen, and a bunch of numbers and jargon. I waited to see if it would go away, but after 5 minutes, it didn’t. I actually had to remove the battery in order to restart it. That being said, the update did indeed make it onto my G1, and since then, I’ve definitely seen a performance improvement that I was not seeing with Cupcake. Fewer screen lags, and I believe better application and power management.

  • Chris

    The most important feature to come with Donut is WPA2 Enterprise (IMO), but I cannot figure out how to add certificates. There is a selection box for both CA and client certificates, but they both say NA. My guess is that you have to put the certificate somewhere on the phone so that it appears in these dialog boxes, but I cannot find any information on this.

    Anyone know how to use certificates with WPA2 Enterprise?

  • Besides some nice enhancements, the peformance improved as well.
    As a developer, i'm using several extra 'threads' in my new application in addition to the one that runs the User Interface (UI). In 1.5, running these extra threads made the UI quite choppy. With the new 1.6, the UI is much, much smoother. I think that process/thread scheduling on 1.6 improved quite a bit.

    Also, i can't wait to start using Gestures in my app, see how it works and see if it really can improve the usability.

    And the updates to Android Market: I think that the downloads of my currently deployed app increased significantly after 1.6 started rolling out. All we need is smoother and more seamless payment options in google checkout and i'll be a very happy camper 🙂

  • mee

    Donut _greatly_ improved performance for me, but I assume that's because it fixed this bug, from which I was suffering (http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id… (That bug claims to not be fixed yet, but it _seems_ to be fixed for me, so …)

  • Fatlimey

    It has a power widget?! Why did none of the reviews mention this? I suspect it's because the reviewers are all so used to the advanced feathures of hacked ROMs that they just don't see the features as new anymore.

    So, I just uninstalled a bunch of controls and added the built in one!

    • Did exactly the same. Why they would not add "mute" is beyond me. Real estate?

  • Huffman

    I had a little trouble with the update myself. Well, not the update itself. I use the home replacement app "Open Home". Before receiving the 1.6 update, there were a few apps that I had not yet updated because in the descriptions of each app it would say something like: "For 1.6, 1.6 'Donut' Compatable", etc. When the OTA update arrived on my phone I went ahead and tried installing before updating these apps, seeing that they were compatible with "Donut".

  • Huffman

    The install went just fine but since "Open Home" was not updated, and there for not compatible with 1.6, I got an error message and a blank screen. I could do nothing but use the dialer by pushing the "call button". This problem was resolved by opening "Better Keyboard" and going into the settings of it by long pressing on the "123?" key. From there I was able to access the market by selecting the option to download a font pack/search for font packs. I then updated all apps that had not yet been updated, including "Open Home". Problem resolved. I also heard that another user was having the same problems I was. She rebooted in "Safe Mode" and uinstalled/reinstalled "Open Home" to fix the problem. Either way works.

    Moral of the story: Update your apps BEFORE updating the OS.