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android_lifeComputerworld recently reported that two vulnerabilities in Android have been patched by Google. The issues dealt with how Android handled SMS messages as well as the API in Android’s Dalvik virtual machine. Left unpatched, an Android device was susceptible to temporary loss of connectivity, dropped calls, lost configuration information and phone reboots. Researchers at the Open Source Computer Emergency Response Team (oCERT) disclosed the flaws found in Android 1.5. Android 1.6 (donut) included patches that address both issue.

Nice to know there is an organization like oCERT that looks for these things and an organization like Goole that quickly addresses them!

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  1. c0z
    October 12, 03:50 Reply

    Maybe they are hinting at that issue where the phone rebooted during calls to 911. Now that is scary. -.-

  2. anon
    October 12, 05:41 Reply

    That's great they've fixed these issues…but err…1.6 needs to roll out in other regions too :( Not just the US.

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