Gartner says The Future is About Green Robots

android_stocksGartner’s about page says that “Gartner, Inc. is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. We deliver the technology-related insights necessary for our clients to make the right decisions, every day.” Based on recent projections by Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst Ken Dulaney the right decision for mobile platforms in the future is Android. His report projects Android with a 14.5% market share by 2012. That would see Android overtaking iPhone and second only to Symbian.

His full projected breakdown:

  • Symbian – 39% (203 million devices shipped)
  • Android – 14.5% (76 million devices shipped)
  • iPhone – 13.7% (71.5 million devices shipped)
  • Windows Mobile – 12.8% (66.8 million devices shipped)
  • BlackBerry OS – 12.5% (65.25 million devices shipped)
  • Various Linux devices – 5.4% (28 million devices shipped)
  • Palm webOS – 2.1% (11 million devices shipped)

Of course guessing future projections on anything is a less than scientific process. When you consider how relatively young and volatile the mobile OS market for smart phones is it makes any hypothesis about the future all the more questionable. But it’s clear that expectations are high for Android!

  • I think the safest bet is Google backing. iPhone will suffer which will only benefit everyone. I can't wait until T-Mobile and the likes will give a device for free with 2 year contract. In my crystal ball I see it happening by the end of next year (if not mid-year)

  • barwin

    Androïd rules!
    The arrogance Apple is showing will eventually turn against themselves. Eventhough their devices look pretty smooth and will work just as fine, their arrogant way of behaving will cost them market share. In favour of Google/Androïd ofcourse 😉
    Go Androïd!

  • JustAPhoneUser

    I sorta see it going the way of:

    1) Symbian
    2) Android
    3) Windows Mobile 7
    4) IPhone

    This based on what I have seen of the Zune HD interface. If Windows Mobile 7 is anything like this I think it will be making it up the list by this time. Android will of course be above it because it will have more apps. The iPhone will, and I think is allready suffering from Apples arcane manner of treating independent developers like its slaves, and forcing you to go to a single carrier to use the device. In the end I think it will be Android VS WM 7 with a few holdout zealots using iPhones and businesses still using BlackBerrys.

  • bruce

    Gartner tends to say whatever people want to hear or whatever has been in the news lately. It's good that they are pushing Android, but all it means is that Android has been getting a lot of publicity lately.

    • c0z

      Then we can't complain 🙂 As far as I know the Android users out there really want a more Android-knowledgeable public, right?

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