Rumor: Barnes & Noble Taking on Kindle with Help from Android

barnes_and_noble_logoThe big, hot rumor of the day is that bookselling behemoth Barnes & Noble is on the verge of introducing their own ereader device powered by Android. The basis of this story comes from a B&N employee who claims to have developed apps for the device. 

Gizmodo is reporting that the retailer is going to drop this on us as early as next month.   The unnamed device is expected to have a six-inch screen, a virtual keyboard, and allow for downloadable content (apps!) over wireless connection.

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  • droidin

    Ohh! If this is true – it's beyond awesome! I really can use ebook reader and if one will come w/Android – I'm buying!

  • James

    I do love the (semi-random?) advertisement for Kindle right below this article.

  • Chuck Falzone

    I s'pose it'd be too much to hope this would take the form of a B&N ebook app usable on other Android devices, huh?

  • Streets Of Boston

    Android a great device does not make (in my best Yoda voice).
    Lets see what the device actually is (if the rumours are true); size/weight/ergonomics/power/etc.

  • Miguel

    This could be something I'd buy, still want to know more- who doesn't. Anyhow, Android needs a solid reader anyway. I'm waiting to see what else hits before buying anything…. it might be best to wait until after the Holiday season. :)

  • c0z

    Combining the best of both my worlds would be amazing. 😉