Developers Can Now Target By Carrier in Android Market

android_developersUp until recently, developers using the Android Market had the ability to target distribution of their apps by specific countries.  A recent email sent to developers indicates that they now have the freedom to select a particular wireless provider if they feel so inclined.

First, we have added the ability to target applications by carrier in all countries.  For example, if you are showing your app in the United States, you can now choose among Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless.  If your apps are intended for users of specific carriers, please go to the Android Market developer website at (in the Publishing Options section under Locations) and target your applications to those carriers accordingly.

The second half of the email advises developers that they might want to spend some time adjusting a little bit of code so their apps play nice with larger and smaller screens.  New handsets like the HTC Tattoo will have smaller screens than the current stable of phones.  On the flip side, devices like tablets are rolling out and apps won’t display properly if not addressed.

If your app is written with the 1.5SDK (or lower) it will not show up in the Android Market on devices with these smaller screens.   For more information on what the 1.6 SDK offers developers, head to the Android Developers Blog.

Thanks for the email, Borys!

  • I like that, give to choice to the developers rather than control everything like Apple does.

  • thats gud… at least now that can decide their target consumers….

  • Feech

    This is bad bad bad…a big player like Verizon for example, paying boatloads of money to keep a App exclusive. For example, Verizon pays lets say ESPN for a app that will allow them to offer "exclusive" content for only Verizon customers. The Android Market should not be used as a marketing tool for the carriers and this is what it will be turned into with this change. Carrier Specific Apps are fine as long as its carrier specific. Billing info, usage info, stuff like that is fine.

  • gjs

    Wish they'd hurry up and support paid apps for Dev's in other countries. So frustrating for the rest of us, we still waiting after nearly a year ( a lifetime in IT ) !

  • A T W

    That's a great idea!!!!
    An android market for each wireless provider !!
    So if you see an app you want on Verizon but you have t-mo that i'll work great!!!
    I really like it—- Not.

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