App Review: Astraware Solitaire

awsolitaire_screenshot_320x480_03One of the biggest gripes about the Android platform has been the lack of good games.  Generally speaking, people tend to think that to qualify as a good game you should have 3D graphics and visuals that blow you away. Well this isn’t necessarily the case. A good game is all about game play first and foremost – and sometimes it’s the simple games that come out on top.

Take Solitaire for instance. Here’s a game that nearly everyone knows how to play.  Most of us will have spent time playing and wasting a few spare hours while on our PC. The Android version from Handmark adds something more to your basic Solitaire game.

There are 12 different card based games here including Free Cell, Spider Solitaire and lots of others that you may not be familiar with but will certainly keep you busy. This “basic” game looks nice and plays really well. Yes, you play to beat the game but also to collect “Trophy Cards” for doing different things such as winning without using “undo”  and for various other fun reasons.

The controls work well; you drag your cards to the desired place or tap on them and they move themselves. It’s possible to see how well you are doing by viewing your statistics.  Players can choose from a variety of card graphics and the sounds are a nice touch.  As a whole, this game is polished and certainly  has enough content to justify the $4.99 price tag. There isn’t much more to say about this except that I highly recommend it–definitely helps you pass the time.

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