No More InvisiDroid

invisidroidAsk yourself these questions …

Despite your enthusiasm for the the little green robot, do only your closest friends know you own an Android device?
Do you worry that most tech-indifferent people STILL don’t know what Android is?
Do you feel left out when the water-cooler talk turns to the latest iPhone OS release?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you are a victim of InvisiDroid Syndrome.
Now, before you begin running for the triple-antibiotic cream, realize that your suffering MIGHT only be temporary.

Granted, you didn’t really do anything to contract this pain and suffering … but some others are not so innocent. Smartphone carriers and manufacturers haven’t really promoted the Android OS as the “special sauce” that powers their amazing new phones. You would be hard pressed to recall ANY television spot that even mentions the word Android in connection with the Hero, G1, MyTouch3G, etc. And, who could compete with those clever “there’s an app for that” iPhone commercials that Apple keeps running (aside from the latest “there’s a map for that”)?

Well, the Android community can … and here’s how.

For the corporate members of the Android community, a few ideas that should increase Android awareness, as well as their profits:
1) The Freebie – What does Apple (widely recognized as the style king of pop-culture promotion) include with every Mac/iPod/etc.? An innocently placed free sticker. No instructions on what to do with it, or restrictions upon its use. Just an attractive, sturdy sticker that tells the world, “Hey, I’m an Apple fan!” Cellular carriers could similarly hand out their own themed freebie that sports the dapper green dude, as well.

2) The Common Ground – How many thousands of times have you been confronted with the phrase, “Intel Inside”? From television ads, to magazines, computer boxes, and, even computer cases, the pc manufacturers of the world rallied behind that common badge of quality. Android manufacturers (as well as OHA members) need to do the same.

3) The Mention – Android manufacturers and cellular carriers need to employ a basic memorization technique that emphasizes repetition. A simple mention of the “A” word in promotional materials from these disparate members of the Android community would benefit ALL members. Now is not the time to be neo-proprietary.

And, for the common folk (with an uncommon interest in the Android world) …
1) Wear Your Support on Your Sleeve – Whether, or another one of the fine Android sites, support them by purchasing one of their branded shirts to wear proudly whilst negotiating your daily routine. And if you are a shirt designer, consider using a stock Android robot somewhere in your design, or, at least, include your domain name for the casually curious. Additonally, for crying out loud, Google … start selling Android shirts along with the shirts of all of your other corporate identities. It all starts conversations and raises awareness.

2) The Not-so Freebie – Consider purchasing an Android logo sticker for the back of your phone. Or, the back of your laptop. Or, the back of your pet’s sweater. Just show the love.

3) Use Your ‘bot to it’s Fullest – Nothing breeds desire like watching a friend or co-worker doing something cool on their Android phone.

Maybe Google or HTC will never pony up the cheddar for prime-time television spots like Apple does for the iPhone. Maybe carriers will continue assuming that people wouldn’t care about the OS in the only digital device they always carry with them … But, we don’t have to wait for some corporate monolith to promote the most exciting mobile platform ever. We, the energized Android consumers, can stop the InvisiDroid plague by planting the seeds of awareness, one sticker or shirt at a time.

Go green!

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  • Mark

    I've actually purchased a nice Android logo t-shirt from But you mention purchasing Android logo stickers for your phone, laptop, etc… Could you please please please provide a link to a place where I could purchase such a thing? I've looked everywhere for this sort of thing and haven't found anything but bumper stickers on Zazzle, which obviously won't fit on the back of a G1.

  • moeman

    Sprint does have a nice "Android Powered" logo on their site with the description of the phone.

  • Jonny

    1a. Where does one even get an Android sticker for their laptop? 1b. No one really cares about the stickers on my laptop. Sad but true, because I have several interesting stickers already garnishing the lid.

  • Reuben

    The trouble is that “Android” is a fundamentally unsexy word, impossible to decouple from images of 20th century mindless automata. And the logo, frankly, has always kind of sucked.

  • I would totally rock some android stickers if they existed (links to the site that sells them or it didn't happen) At my last work I was 1 out of 3 people in the office who had a G1 (12 people total in the office so 1/4 of the people there had one) at my current job Im the only android owner compared to 2 iphone owners. One of them rocks a big shiny apple sticker on the back of his truck. Although I see tons of MT3G's on campus, usually sported by girls.

  • aranea

    Email is the other thing apple does. They add a signature that says the email is sent from an iphone. Google can/should add the same thing to the android. But why wait. Do it on yourself. Since I changed my signature on my phone I got a lot of comments about Android.

  • random

    Good gravy – all of these "branding" attempts are annoying as hell when Apple does them. I'm drawn to Android partly out of irritation with Apple's ostentation – why on earth would I want to imitate it?

  • Ok, so it is really difficult to find Android stickers ! I thought I knew of a couple of places, but, alas, only bumper stickers are available (where did the AndroidGuys stickers go to ?). Hmmmm…. might be back with a new URL for stickers in a while, but for the meantime:

  • Neal G

    Here's a handmade Android-flavored phone cover/cozy on Etsy:

  • chefgon

    I don't know of any place that sells Android stickers, but I do know that will print anything you want on a sticker (or a pack of 50 stickers if you have grander plans) and ship it back to you. I plan on making a couple for our cars.

  • Brombomb

    Here ya go… Official Google Android T-Shirt:

    I already own it, and wear it. There is going to be a new polo Android shirt coming shortly.

  • Android fan

    Hey there!!

    There is tons of different stickers at