Samsung’s Customized Keyboard

samsung_android_keyboard_02The first images of Samsung’s on-screen keyboard have made their way online thanks to  As you can see, there is just only so much you can do to customize the QWERTY keyboard.  What Samsung has done is give the end user more options for entry. 

The pictures show landscape and portrait keyboards and the ability to choose between various alphanumeric, symbols and T9.

Are there any prospective Galaxy (Lite) buyers out there excited by the keyboard options?  Anyone who can pound out messages quicker with T9?

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  • I suppose for those with large fingers, T9 could be a lot easier than a QWERTY in portrait mode. Then again, the HTC keyboard has such good intended text prediction that you could hit the wrong key for almost every letter and it'll still come up with the right word.

  • I used to live in Europe so I find T9 much easier and faster than mobile QWERTY. The biggest drawback is with the auto-fill in the Quick Search Box which forces the T9 to lag.

  • anonymous

    Nokia's implementation of T9 is slicker and better than Samsung's. Hopefully Nokia joins the Android crowd soon.