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screenshot1254486899464Mundu is an Instant Messaging app that allows you to connect to various IM clients such as Yahoo, MSN, GTalk, AIM, ICQ and XMPP (that one was new to me!) Signing up to each service is as simple as entering your username and password and choosing a Nickname. Once you are signed in you select the accounts you want to sign into and log in. You can view your “buddies” for each account and see the status of your friends and set your own.

The look and feel of the app is quite nice and polished and you have various options available to you in the chat window. This includes being able to send files, block people, look at your conversation history and have a conference chat. You have the usual notification options and the when you leave the app it continues to run in the background with an icon in the notification bar. Quitting the app actually ends the process unlike some IM apps that continue to display the notification icon even when you quit the app–meaning it’s still running in the background eating your battery. Conversations are easy and look good and there is an option to send “quick text” responses such as “Are you there?” or “Good Morning.”

Overall this is a nice looking IM app that does what it says but is missing Facebook chat and I also had a problem logging into GTalk. There are many features that set this IM app apart from the other available apps such as Palringo and IM+. Although I haven’t had a chance to try all IM apps, this app includes being able to access links or dial numbers directly from conversations. You can also search for contacts by typing the first few letters of the name which is handy if you have a lot of contacts.

I like this app and if it had Facebook chat it would definitely be my current choice for IM. The only downside? According to the website it is $11 for the app and I think that may be the only sticking point for some people.  And is it me or does it say that the iPhone version is free? If so this may put some Android users off.

Visit for more information.

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  1. Justa Notherguy
    October 13, 14:12 Reply

    > According to the website it is $11 for the app and I think that may be the only
    > sticking point for some people. And is it me or does it say that the iPhone version
    > is free?

    Yep – after a cursory search, the problem seems to be you.:

    • Deve
      October 14, 05:39 Reply

      Yeah. iPhone version is free. Looks like that is a web IM and not a native one.

  2. Brian
    October 13, 14:33 Reply

    $11 is way too much for an IM app that just integrates several already included apps.

  3. @DarrenRichie
    October 13, 14:36 Reply

    Not sure I understand your comment. Your link shows the app as being $11 or a free trial. Are you saying I was right or wrong?

  4. kris
    October 13, 11:29 Reply

    That’s actually better then the almost 20 dollor “beejive” app for the iphone .but I’m gonna stick to ebuddy for now .facebook chat and all and its free .

  5. Phil
    October 13, 16:26 Reply

    You might be interested to know that XMPP is used by Google Talk, and that Google Wave's federation protocol is an open extension to the XMPP protocol.

    • DarrenRichie
      October 13, 16:49 Reply

      Thanks for that Phil. Now I know a little more than I did. 😉

  6. @lalov1
    October 13, 22:00 Reply

    Do you still get billed for IM messages as text messages with this app? It might be worth it if you don't. I'm on the Unlimited Web and 400 text messages with T-Mo.

    • Shreyas
      October 14, 04:39 Reply

      Nope, It works using your data connection. No text messages are sent.

    February 26, 17:01 Reply

    looks like a good app. mising some features though. I live avatars in IM clients cool ones not crappy ones.

  8. vob to avi
    August 15, 05:37 Reply

    thanks for the tool! Very helpful, can’t wait to check it out.

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