Project Black?

project_blackSo have you heard about T-Mobile’s “Project Black”?  Well I have, and I still have no idea what it is.  TmoNews has been all over this one lately and still doesn’t know what it is.  If they do know, they’re not saying.

Are we looking for something Android-related?  Does it concern the build out of their 3G network?  What if it’s just a list of their Black Friday handsets and prices?  Maybe it was just T-Mobile’s plan to send Sidekick users’ data into a black hole!  Anyone in the know have any idea or do you just want to speculate?  Let us know what you think “Project Black” may be.  Supposedly T-Mobile staff is on some next-level NDA stuff and going through some training on it.

The latest rumors have T-Mobile announcing a $50 Everything Unlimited plan with all-you-can-eat calling, SMS, MMS, and data.  This would not only match Sprints “Any Mobile, Anytime” but carves off another twenty bucks.

So… what have you heard?

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  1. mu$h da great
    October 14, 09:23 Reply

    & damn near 50 off sprints everything plan….hopefully this is true. I was in the t-mobile store inquireing about a couple things yesterday. one being this plan the other being the the nokia n900, I didn’t get anywhere though…

  2. ben
    October 14, 15:02 Reply

    If they announce $50 Everything plan, that would be a major game changer. I've pretty much settled on Sprint for when I finally decide which Android phone I want, but an extra $20 in my pocket every month might get me to buy a Cliq and put up with T-Mo's spotty 3G coverage.

  3. c0z
    October 15, 03:06 Reply

    I have a feeling it's a multitude of different things being unveiled, personally. I'd love some new rate plans, though.

  4. Gun Safes For Sale
    February 14, 12:31 Reply

    Yes I've heard about T-mobile's "project black",but don't much knowledge about it.I hope you'll update us about it in future.

  5. New York Guide
    March 08, 13:36 Reply

    Yup, I know all the stuff about T-mobile's "project black". But what really I like is the suspense and thrill created by the media about it. Actually it is the strategy adopted by any company to draw the attention of the techno-mad world before releasing the product in the market.

  6. pdf format
    July 27, 05:35 Reply

    T-mobile's "project black"??? T-Mo News claims it's not a phone or a promotion

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