Acer Kicks off New “Liquid” Series with Snapdragon Android Phone

acer_liquid_10There’s some big Android news coming out of the Acer camp today!  The first Android phone out of the gate with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor will belong to their new “Liquid” series of handsets.  With a High Definition, Wide-VGA capacitive touchscreen, a 5MP camera, and “no idle-time”, this ain’t your buddy’s G1 were talking about here. 

Other fun Acer Liquid stuff gleaned from the press release:

  • HSPA Connectivity
  • Android 1.6 (Donut)
  • Wide-VGA (presumed to be 800×480) touch screen
  • 5 MP camera with geo-tagging, ISO, self-timer options and accelerated auto-focus performance
  • Acer-designed power management system for longer battery
  • A new user interface with easy access to entertainment and web bookmarks
  • Exclusive Spinletsâ„¢ application providing free streaming of worldwide music and video, that can be shared with friends and family through web-posting or e-mail
  • Smart integration of Facebookâ„¢, Twitterâ„¢, Youtubeâ„¢, Picasaâ„¢ and Flickrâ„¢ in the address book, with realtime notification of status or content updates

Electric Pig was on-hand today at the event in London where the phone was shown off.  Here’s a little gallery to hold you over until more details emerge.  No word on when/where/with which carrier(s) it will be released, but it’s exciting news nonetheless!

  • Sam

    Finally…Moby Dick appears.

  • Jonathan

    That thing looks huge. Can you say PDA?

  • Helge

    Looks to be the Android dream phone, hi-res display PLUS fast processor. Although I could not quite guess the size of the device from these photos. What would you say, bigger or smaller than, say, the Galaxy?

  • Brent

    CNET UK says 12mm thick with a 3.8 in screen.

  • guojian

    why does it hold only 4 rows of icons in the tray compared to 5 rows in the moto sholes? is it not really 800×480 instead of 854×480???

  • Carl C

    Where was this London event??


    Is androidguys UK based or USA based? 🙂

    • c0z

      AndroidGuys is mostly US based, but we do have some overseas writers.

  • Why does the US get all the cool phones last?!?!? grrrrrrrr

    • c0z

      It's just like fashion and cars. 😀

  • nice phone.. very fashionable..